Rome Viharo

Rome Viharo’s personal Google search results have been intentionally compromised by a troll farm operating on RationalWiki and Wikipedia. Don’t fall for it.

For the past five years, I’ve blogged about “troll farms” on the web and detailing their tactics and strategies, making me a target within different communities on the web.

If you are researching me for any purpose, please feel free to reach out and ask me anything, I am an open book. (You can email me at rome.viharo through Gmail, reach out to me at WikiMedia, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Soundcloud, or Tumblr)

My apologies for the drama, but online harassment has had genuine effects on my professional and personal life and the bold text above is meant to show up in GoogleSearch to hopefully neutralize some of it.

I can assure you I am quite harmless.

That is about the best, and only, online defence someone like me has when Google search is weaponized to attack individuals on the internet by trolls. Really, there is nothing anyone can do about this, absolutely zero.

So in my defense, if you’ve come across a few strange claims made about me on the internet, such as me believing that “Google is sentient”, or that I’ve “co-authored papers on evolution with Rupert Sheldrake”, or that I am a “sock puppet mastermind” conducting a “global social media experiment”, a wild “promoter of pseudoscience”, or a “troll harassing and stalking Wikipedia editors”, I can assure you these intentionally misleading claims about me have gotten even worse over the years.

Since publishing WWHP, the targeting and harassment have been so extreme I’ve had to file an online report with the FBI.

I’m a pretty transparent person, and I’ve nothing in my online and offline life to be ashamed of, and as nasty as these ‘weaponized’ narratives are about me, they are pretty much equally as false and misleading as they are ridiculous. They are intentionally designed to not embarrass, but to destroy someone’s life and reputation.

So the past few years have truly been strange, and unique, and rare. As traumatizing at times experiencing extreme harassment and stalking can be – it has also been rewarding, and illuminating – and creative.

If you’re perplexed by this, join the club!

Me in real life.

I’m a media madman; a producer, entrepreneur, creator, inventor, writer, developer, designer, and strategist.

2015 – Present

Since 2015, I’ve been the founder and CEO of a tech startup, Audience Unlock, Inc and the designer of Native Smart technology.

I’m very excited about Native Smart technology. It allows websites or apps to have a secondary broadcast channel, and our unique CMS allows anyone to distribute a unique type of non-indexed content page called a “Smart Native Inserted Page” anywhere on the mobile web or to any mobile app. We reached a significant milestone in 2017, serving over 100,000 impressions a day towards the end of the year.

This year we are decentralizing our server, offering websites and apps an alternative to the “third party” problem like Google or ad tech, giving users the ability to serve, verify, and distribute the content without needing a third party at all. Our decentralized network will allow online users to store, trade, sell the value of their own attention in partnership with websites and apps, and we are launching the first truly decentralized network in 2018. Watch out for it!

2000’s- 2014

I sold my first company, a boutique viral and social media agency called Media Social in 2011. We were early pioneers and launched some of the most innovative social media campaigns in the world, including three SuperBowl campaigns. Those were fun days!

I’ve been an innovator, strategist, and consultant in web collaboration, media, and technology for over twelve years, often working with major global brands, agencies, online influencers and even a few celebrities.

I’m also a disgruntled former music producer,EMI recording artist, as well as a former digital filmmaker and SlamDance Alumni. I put aside those mediums years ago to dive into digital and viral media and technology. I was an early innovator of viral marketing (starting in 2005 at Anonymous Content), and for a bit produced, wrote and directed viral comedy for SuperDelux (2007, 2008).

In case you’re curious – my current professional bio is here.

I  am also the developer and founder of aiki wiki, my passion project (online consensus building) for almost 15 years. This platform (coming soon) is a unique wiki platform and methodology for scaling online consensus building and handling things like online misinformation, trolling, and harassment. Since 2007, designing solutions architecture for many issues facing the web is and has been a big part of my life.


My personal interests and hobbies are Aikido, collaboration and any form of collaborative media, Brazilian samba and bossa nova (50’s-70’s), Blue Note and Jazz (before 1968), early NYC hip-hop, Motown soul, Parliament funk, 90’s electronica, and everything about punk (except for the music).  On and off hobbies and interests over the years including storytelling, futurism, creative writing, poetry, stand up comedy, technology, science, art, theater, sci-fi, all philosophy, design holism, psychology, intelligence, consciousness, problem-solving and dancing my ass off, I really want to learn how to tango.

I identify as an artist/designer/inventor, and I suppose if I had to define my worldview, I would consider myself an agnostic humanist who loves flirting with futurism.

Who cares? I always was annoyed by bios and stuff and never liked putting myself out there for some reason. Thanks to RationalWiki, I’m now finally motivated to do it.






Fun Stuff:

Music from my earlier incarnation as an EMI recording artist and producer.

I gave a TEDx presentation in 2011 called  ‘Google Consciousness’. Google Consciousness is a “meme” Maf Lewis and I co-engineered, a story that plays with the possibility of a sentient Google (and the origins of the meme thereof), and used that as a metaphor for social media evolving to create a more collaborative government, without relying on government to do it. That project is located here.

TEDx Cardiff also had crappy production and sound, apologies in advance.

My Brazillian playlist,