Impersonations on Wikipedia, Tim Farley, and flag waving on Reddit, again.

I’m not very well liked amongst a small set of Wikipedia editors (whom also edit RationalWiki and get their sh*ts and giggles from tormenting me there).

I get it.

I get it about once or twice a month – usually in response to my latest article.

For the past three years whenever I post an article, or share it on Reddit, I am usually greeted by one of my obsessive stalkers, more often than not Oliver Smith or one of his brothers. They show up and attempt to discredit this website or me and it usually backfires on them, but sometimes it is successful and they will get an entire community to buy into their manipulations.

In the past 36 hours, I’ve once again been impersonated on Wikipedia.

Someone created an editing account called “Rome Viharo WWHP” and posted to Deepak Chopra’s talk page.

Shortly thereafter, this account attempted to create a Wikipedia article about “Wikipedia We Have a Problem”.

None of this is me, either directly or indirectly.

Why would anyone do this?

First, it is used to help build a “personal army” against an individual by inflaming certain niche communities with misinformation about someone (in this case yours truly) in the hopes individuals there will block, ban, or spread misinformation about the individual in return. This website tracks about three years of this type of activity and election 2016 is riddled with this sort of strategy.

At some point, this person will then go elsewhere on the web, like they recently did on  Reddit, and link to those activities and flag wave that I am just someone trolling Wikipedia or some other misinformation tid bit.

Rome Viharo’s Wikipedia We Have a Problem is fake news and misinformation from wikipedia

Someone should inform him how Google alert works. Oye.

Classic petty misinformation and social propaganda campaign, waged in wiki wars and detailed often on this website. They are quite simple to implement, and not much anyone can do about them.


Enter (once again) Tim Farley, skeptic apologist.

Coming to my defense on Wikipedia, in this case, was Tim Farley (who edits on Wikipedia transparently as ‘krelniq’).

He noted the obvious – this was not me.

If not for the fact that Tim Farley has been an architect for some of the harassment I have received and he has been both unprofessional and very misleading when confronted with that,  I would have been grateful.

His first statement on Wikipedia regarding this recent impersonation account was –  “I’ve been the target of a bit of (mostly off-wiki) harassment by the real Rome Viharo over the years, even though I had very little involvement in the Sheldrake and Chopra articles.”


What harassment? Where is this evidence that this is a harassment website?

Like all flag waving, you will never find what you would expect.

This is and has been misinformation spread about this website on Wikipedia, and recently I show cased how Wikipedia editors got WWHP blacklisted using this misinformation while this website was being shared on Jimbo Wales talk page.

So now we have Tim Farley, Manul, and Oliver Smith all using the same message to damage control their own activities, claiming to be “harassed”  by Wikipedia, We Have a Problem. Ironically, these are the same very three individuals whom are featured heavily in two case studies I’ve published into editor suppression on Wikipedia.

Tim Farley further states on Wikipedia that I am “someone who has been accurately described elsewhere as an internet troll.”

Tim Farley doesn’t say that he was that person “elsewhere described” who said I was an internet troll, a tactic used on Wikipedia against me to suppress me away from editing. RationalWiki’s article on me actually uses Tim Farley’s quote about me being a “internet troll” as an actual reference.

Oliver Smith takes that RationalWiki article about me, using Tim Farley’s quote – to discredit me in every online community that discusses Wikipedia. This has been an utterly contempt campaign waged on me for over three years to justify their own editor suppression campaign waged on me in 2013 on Wikipedia.

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Damage control, wiki war style

Tim Farley publishes misinformation  to damage control skeptic activities on Wikipedia. That is just a fact and one I report on responsibly.

I’ll continue to expose it when he does it.

I’m not really that sorry if he feels harassed by sincere skeptical criticism of his Wikipedia activities.

Tim inserts himself into the debate on public education. He also inserted himself into this study, and my life – by initiating these type of campaigns against yours truly.

To liken criticism of his activities to “harassment” while not revealing his participation in campaigns to destroy people’s online reputation is a hypocrisy I relish in show casing.

While some of my harassers like Oliver Smith have clear mental disturbance – Tim Farley is a professional, and he should know better.

As always, flag waving. Watch out for it.


Rome Viharo

Los Angeles, June 11th 2017

I’ve pinged Tim Farley on Twitter, asking him for a comment on this.

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