Manul/Vzaak’s Evidence, Debunked

Vzaak’s testimony:

#9.) Tumbleman has never understood that editing Wikipedia is about focusing on content, not editors. I tried explaining this to him early on, but it wouldn’t take. He doesn’t understand that writing good NPOV articles is done by collaboration among biased people. He is obsessed with calling people biased (copied from sockpuppet report):

    • “many editors here have a bias” [75]
    • “language from editors clearly shows a bias on the page” [76]
    • “commenting from editors shows a biased POV” [77]
    • “the bias that they clearly have” [78]
    • “a lot of biased sources and opinions” [79]
    • “we have biased editors quoting opinions” [80]
    • “editor is not able to provide a decent source and expresses a clear bias” [81]
    • “those with negative bias here” [82]
    • “your voice sounds a little biased here” [83]

#9 Debunked:

These are not personal attacks – as you can see here in the list of what Wikipedia considers a personal attack. Now Vzaak is  using ‘weasel words’ such as ‘obsessed’ to make it appear that indeed, I am some obsessed mad man attempting to overtake Wikipedia with my minions of sock puppets and my social media agenda. Yes, I said those things, and yes I still believe them. Please note I mention ‘editors’ in general and not anyone specifically.  In the beginning, I was actually referring to both Skeptical editors and Pro Sheldrake supporters to boot.

And not one admin notes this or even brings it up. And considering the list of what WP does consider a personal attack, clearly Vzaak and others are, as the evidence shows, completely guilty of personal attacks on me. Not one admin mentioned this or cared.

But this is not how Vzaak sees it, and I assume it’s not how any of the participating admins saw it either, vzaak writes in claim #10.

Additionally, Vzaak’s very first comment on Wikipedia, which was on Sheldrake’s article – actually stated the same thing they are accusing me of here. Vzaak’s comment stated there was a bias on the Sheldrake article.

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