Manul/Vzaak’s Evidence, Debunked

Vzaak’s testimony:

6.) He has continued sending me notifications and has left harassing messages on my talk page which are really unhinged (backstory of that is here).

#6 Debunked:

Of course I notified Vzaak of notifications on her Talk page, that is the requirement on Wikipedia.

But ‘unhinged’? Again Vzaak tries to create suspicions were none are warranted.

After experiencing all of this harassment and co-ordination of team members, as well as user Craig Wheeler informing me of the ‘Guerilla Skeptical Movement‘ on Wikipedia – I went to some of their talk pages and asked, not accused them if they were members of such an organization.  They looked organized to me at the time since I found evidence of all of them talking about me on various talk pages and plotting to remove me from Wikipedia.

Vzaak never even answered the question, as if such a question was unreasonable for me to ask, considering all of the editors mentioned in this study are skeptical activists who edit to a ‘skeptical point of view’.

For this I was accused of spreading ‘conspiracy theories’ and  a fourth attempt to silence me from the Sheldrake page and they brought this to a Wikipedia Noticeboard, found here trying to get new sanctions against me.

This also failed. It actually helped me bring my case to the attention of a few admins and neutral editors.

Even to this day on Rational Wiki – this is being used to frame me as someone who promotes ‘conspiracy theories’ – as if noting the clear evidence that these editors somehow happen to be active in promoting a skeptical point of view is somehow a shocking claim to make and requires extraordinary evidence.

My thoughts in the RfC on this issue summed up my thoughts to the community.

Not much of a conspiracy theory – [the claim] is actually based on the editors behaviors and agenda on the page. I think the reason editors are assuming that vzaak and others are apart of the GSM is because they appear to be editing with the exact same agenda as the GSM. Plus, clearly all the editors in question co-ordinate together like can be evidenced here. That the fact that the GSM is on wikipedia is of course not a conspiracy, they are quite open about it. So it’s a reasonable association….. Work reasonably here guys, I just want facts and reasoned arguments – if your not GSM, none of you seem to be contributing to the spirit of WP on that page regardless and if you are GSM, you’re really making them look bad. The Tumbleman (talk) 15:59, 9 October 2013 (UTC)



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