Manul/Vzaak’s Evidence, Debunked


Vzaak’s testimony:


3.) He repeatedly split my comments — about 4 times — after I repeatedly asked him to stop. In one place I said “don’t split other people’s comments” and his reply was to split the comment in which I said that.  –  vzaak


#3 Debunked:

I admit I did split comments my first two days, as I was very confused regarding the formatting, so let’s  be clear about what Manul is claiming. Manul is claiming that, because I made formatting errors in my first few days of editing, a common noob mistake – thats evidence of my intention to troll Wikipedia, even though this splitting of comments never happened again and I apologized for making them.


As to the splitting of comments, apologies please do not assume it is a joke or take it personal. wiki TALK is naturally a very sloppy format in principle to handle these discussions and I am sure myself, like most wiki editors, have good intentions and I will make sure not to make this mistake again.The Tumbleman(talk) 04:30, 4 September 2013 (UTC)

This entire exchange is found here.  That something like this is used as evidence for an indef ban is not only preposterous but something any admin could have noted.

What Vzaak if failing to mention in the testimony are the warnings that she was issuing on my talk page and informing me that if I mention an editor may have bias in TALK, (I did raise my concerns of bias, not directly to any editor by name but in general, including pro Sheldrake supporters) I would be banned from editing Wikipedia – which is wiki harassment.


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