Manul/Vzaak’s Evidence, Debunked

Vzaak’s testimony:


#10.) In focusing on editors instead of content, every one of those comments is basically trolling, or at best unconstructive. And that is just a sample (not all) from Talk:Rupert Sheldrake alone. You’ll find these complaints on admin boards (“editors with a clear bias”[84]) and on talk pages as well. He does all this while priding himself on using Wikipedia as “a little field study into online resolution disputes” and as “a wonderful opportunity to show the value of pure unbiased, neutral, or objectivity”[85]. Whether this is trolling, delusion, weirdness, or whatever, it doesn’t belong on WP.


#10 Debunked:

Even this claim is a reach. Even if I was guilty of a ‘personal attack’ – personal attacks are not trolling. I wish they were because it would mean the entire lot of them are trolls.

In regards to me offering transparency on my user page regarding my intentions – I make no apologies. I may have written it a little over dramatically, but my interests truly are collective editing platforms such as Wikipedia, online mediation, and rational consensus building online. In spite of my horrible experience on Wikipedia – I am proud of my work on Sheldrake’s page and indeed wanted to learn more about how Wikipedia resolves these issues. If that is evidence for anything other than just being a nerd I would love to hear the argument. Vzaak and others frame it as I was conducting my ‘experiment’ with them as the foils.

Irony on my side again – on my user page, originally I did say that I was going to focus on the Sheldrake page as my own case study in Wiki mediation. I meant it in a personal way – not as if I was compiling some report for a research experiment which is how they took it. However, considering what happened to me (which I did not predict) – Wikipedia editors and admins have now actually made this into a  perfect case study as to how Wikipedia is gamed by editors and admins to ban any user off of the platform.

Thanks guys, after everything you made this the perfect case study after all, with you all being the authors of how to game the system.

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