Rationalwiki is publishing misinformation to damage control their involvement


“You idiots don’t seem to realise that I made the Viharo and Jon Donnis pages here, then set up a whole load of other people and turned them against each other, as well as at Rationalwiki. I also added Viharo;s page at Rationalwiki.” RationalWiki editor “Kroms”


The Wikipedia editors I encountered in both case studies into editor suppression are some of the very same editors whom have written a “hit piece” on me on RationalWiki, designed to both destroy my online reputation and damage control their own activities on Wikipedia.

I show how this individual has manipulated other communities elsewhere, but here we find this individual even bragging about how he successfully turned RationalWiki into his personal army and manipulating them with misinformation about me designed to provoke them to target me in response.

Don’t fall for it.

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