“I think it’s time we deleted the Rome Viharo article and admit he was harassed.”

The title says it all, literally.

This confession; posted directly by one of the key subjects of Wikipedia, We Have a Problem “Oliver D. Smith, MediaWiki poster boy” on RationalWiki, came a month or so after a series of direct emails he sent me, suggesting to me that he could get the article RationalWiki has published on me deleted if we called some sort of a “truce”.

In the email, Oliver D. Smith was requesting that I retract Wikipedia, We Have a Problem; informing me that he made up “Darryl L. Smith”, a brother he once blamed for originally targeting me on Wikipedia, whom he now claims does not exist.

RationalWiki would delete the article, Oliver mentioned, if, and only if, I denounce “pseudoscience” and admit Rupert Sheldrake was a pseudoscientist after all.

Asking me to denounce “pseudoscience” is, from my perspective, sort of like asking me to denounce “frisbee”, it’s just so random and not something I thought would ever require my input.

Of course, I told him I would not retract Wikipedia, We Have a Problem, but I would exonerate him if he came clean with his notorious web history.

Consider; this small, petty “disagreement” Oliver mentions to me in his email was based on a historical conversation on Wikipedia back in 2013, five years ago, on the Rupert Sheldrake Wikipedia article.

What’s more, it’s a disagreement with me about an argument I wasn’t even having – hence the comparison of the Wikipedia community as a “Lord of the Flies” reality.

And it is the disagreement which spawned harassment, revenge articles, and impersonations for five years since.

No one really understands Oliver, certainly not me. One of his many online flaws, along with impersonations, attack articles and harassment is his never-ending obsessions he has with those whom he found himself in conflict with somewhere on the internet.

Alas, Oliver D. Smith, aka Darryl L. Smith, aka AngloPyramidologist, Dan Skeptic, always confesses and always denies – guilt or blame.

This confession by Smith did not make a difference on RationalWiki which still continues to publish a highly slanderous and libellous article, which has intentionally been optimized to peak at #1 in Google search return for my name on the internet.

Despite this confession, the RationalWiki article on me still claims that I am publishing “conspiracy theories” and there is no evidence I was harassed by their editors. Such obvious misinformation immediately discredits the article, as anyone can read this third-party case study and come to the same obvious conclusion, extreme harassment occurring within the MediaWiki communities.

This “confession” occurred earlier in the year.

The “sock” of Oliver who confessed, Debunking Spiritualism, said this in the RationalWiki “Saloon Bar”, and is indeed one of the editors who edited RationalWiki’s “revenge article” on yours truly, as you can see in his contribution history.

His few edits before this confession, this “RationalWiki” editor was adding more material to the RationalWiki article on me, wherein the past this editor has claimed on the internet that I have been faking everything on Wikipedia, We Have a Problem, and it’s really me who is “stalking” him, claiming I “doxxed” him on the internet (all absurd realities, as readers of this blog already know), and he has consistently put information in the article to create suspicions about me within this community and on the web.

What was interesting was what another RationalWiki editor, “Bongolian“, said in response to him making these false and deceptive claims about me.

The most that we could say about Viharo at this point is that he has been accused of doxing, or that he has been alleged to have doxed people; this is a legal nicety that keeps RW from being successfully sued by Viharo for defamation… Bongolian (talk) 17:51, 25 April 2018 (UTC)

Hmmm…a legal “nicety”.

Perhaps it is. From a legal perspective, I suppose nothing could be nicer than an actual published confession.

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