Curious and Curiouser: ProRussia Twitter links to Trump as early as 2014

Saturday, September 8th, 2018.

I stumbled upon a Twitter account this morning following a curiosity I found that to me reflects evidence of a troll farm trail linking Donald Trump and Russia on Twitter as early as 2014.

Since I’ve not seen this account mentioned yet in the media or in Google search, I thought it best to post here for public record.

Meet @Pattyds50

Pattyds50 first appeared on the web in early 2013, making a comment on a SOTT article as an American citizen, offering a character defense of Vladimir Putin, but with typos consistent with someone who speaks a foreign language and does not have English language spellcheck on their computer.

Vladimir Putin the world’s leader ! 

I’m an American and I strongly oppose my Government’s lies and smear campaign against Russia’s President !! President Putin did not shoot MHT17 plane down . 

I didnt know much about Putin or Russian until I warched the Olympics.. It was a beautiful site! But unfortunately I was continoudky interrupted by my media and its insult and belittling words against Putin & Russia . At one point , the smear was so bad, I had tears for Russia. That’s when I began reading everything ai could , watching Putin’s speeches on YouTube and reading about his history. The man is a genius ! The man loves his country! Devoted his life for the betterment of Russia and what does he get from my country? Degrading, lying, smear campaign! Threats of nuclear war by John McCain and Sarah Palin.. I’m appalled ! Hillary Clinton & Prince Charles comparing him to Hitler . All lies ! And through all this , Mr Putin had dignity , honor, and most certainly class! He’s had the patience of a saint and he should be crowned as such! 

First time in my life I’m ashamed to be American! I’m humiliated by the people who claim to represent my country ! 

I’m outraged my country is funding Kiev to kill its own people!! And they dare to call Mr Putin Hitler!! My country has caused directly or directly every war since 1903 and they dare to call Putin a bully! 

So as an American citizen I’m proud to defend & support Mr Putin & Russia !


On Twitter, Pattyds50  claims to be an American citizen, living in New Hampshire, yet from 2013-2014 is solely an active Twitter account supporting Putin and Russia

Even broadcasting Pro Russia Ukranian issues, formatted with a texture we are all familiar with now, spreading  “meme” propaganda on Twitter, trying to link Western Ukranian alliances with the Nazis.


“Lock them up” a familiar political chant, used against Ukranian politicians.

Having less than 5000 followers on Twitter, since 2014 Pattyds50 has posted over 250,000 tweets.

That is the equivalent of posting around seven tweets an hour, every hour, for four years.

In 2014 – we see this ProRussia Twitter operative already hyping up political divisiveness with attacks on the Obamas.

And, tweeting to Donald Trump

From Russia, with love

Pattyds50 has an interesting conversation with a Welsch Pro Russia Twitter account which claims to “love Sergey Lavrov”, Russian Prime Minister.

They have quite an interesting conversation too, apparently some familiarity between them as well as Putin himself.

Lots of tweets about welcoming the account’s “Putin Followers”, in what looks like attempts to pronounce Russian transposed and spelt in English.

Curious and curiouser 

On June 2, 2014, a year before Donald Trump would announce his candidacy he tweeted;

The plan seems obvious with 20/20 hindsight.

Yet Pattyds50 is already there almost a year before anyone else, even referencing a conversation that suggests a direct relationship, with a curious offer, around a Trump presidential run:

Interestingly, not the only Russian to acknowledge Trump’s candidacy on Twitter in 2014, this one even earlier than Pattyds50, tweeted by someone on Twitter claiming to be Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and seems legit. (thanks Reddit user u/My2centsIsOverpriced)

Trump announces his candidacy a year later, in June 2015.

I’m totally not sure if Pattyds50 actually had anything to do with the Trump campaign directly, but after Trump announced, @pattyds50 was getting retweeted and replied to by key early Republican Trump supporter Bill Mitchell, spreading anti-immigrant messaging.

And getting retweeted and replied by Donald Trump himself.

Not just once, as one would allow for the laws of pure chance and coincidence, but twice over a few months.

Even pushing for a Trump/TedCruz ticket, and again mentioning they are in New Hampshire to see him.

By this time @pattyds50 tweets are being shared on Facebook, including in Russia. I don’t want to expose anyone’s profile, a Facebook search will verify this claim.

Incredibly, before Pattyds50’s twitter handle was “Patty 4 Trump USA”, the handle on Twitter was literally “Patty 4 Putin”.

Even more, ironically, pattyds50 was called out for being a sockpuppet of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel by a Twitter account claiming to be Sayyid Ali Khameni, likely another propaganda type account.


Since at least 2017, Pattyds50 is simply running a bot script for tweets, and nothing else.

Don’t let the ideologies fool you.

While this is not a political blog, it is a case study that details consensus building online with particular psychological types, i.e those willing to practice and spread misinformation or willful deception in a consensus process, bully a consensus process, or attempt to control all permissions within a consensus process and quite frankly it is obvious for me to note there truly is no better signature for this particular personality type than Donald Trump and his organization, political or commercial.

While various distinctions in ideologies (political, social, philosophical, etc) are obvious, there is literally no distinction in how social groups comprised of this particular psychological type manipulate language for persuasion purposes.

Below is a recent FoxNews clip expressing a similar usage of contextual abuse as any troll farm spreading across Wikipedia or various MediaWiki’s on the web. Michael Avenatti is a significantly accomplished trial attorney and activist, now himself a presidential candidate in the 2020 election, running as a Democrat.

Note the obvious and gross hyper contextualization, a defensive reaction used by political agenda editors at Fox News.

Compare this phraseology with a RationalWiki editor, a “leftwing” troll farm exposed on this platform for often criminal levels of online behaviors, going around Reddit attempting to discredit this publication and damage control the outcome within the Wiki communities where he operates.

Viharo has been described as pedoish and a stalker because he’s doxed and stalked Wikipedia editors who are far younger than him, including teenagers. Viharo has whole sections on his website following these editors, recording everything about them, even their taste in computer games. Its creepy. He should just move on and stop stalking wikipedians he holds responsible for his ban.”

I haven’t come across an agenda based group, be it commercial, institutional, political or social that does not have their own version of some kind of “troll farm” operating influence campaigns on the web to varying degree.

In the 21st century, the mask, stage and the theater of the internet  is the weapon of choice for influence operations everywhere, and we see this peak with QAnon, an alternate reality game applied to a political campaign, designed to increase the chances of Trump’s base coming out to vote in the November 2018 election.

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