RationalWiki is gas lighting, lying, & covering up cross platform harassment

I think it is time we deleted the Rome Viharo article and admitted he was harassed: Debunking spiritualism (talk) 02:43, 3 May 2018 (UTC)

RationalWiki’s troll farm of Wikipedia “skeptic” editors is now officially engaging in the willful publication of deception and cover-up regarding their community’s harassment both on their own platform, as well as Wikipedia where they operate, with their latest “rewrite” of their revenge article about yours truly.

Each time Wikipedia, We Have a Problem publishes a new event enacted by this strange and quirky troll farm – a RationalWiki editor (often just various sock puppets of one or two individuals, but other times FuzzyCatPotato has been caught doing this too) decides further embellish RationalWiki’s “biography” of yours truly as a response. This cycle has been going on for four years, and I can assure you they will tire of this far sooner than I.

This article about me on RationalWiki is weaponized to discredit me and has gone to some pretty extreme attempts to distort, invent, or misrepresent who I am in a manner that is demonstrably malicious and intentional.

RationalWiki and the Smith brothers

For years, RationalWiki has hosted the notorious Smith brothers, Oliver and Darryl, who conduct a disturbing and semi-professional skeptic troll farm across MediaWiki sites, in particular, their primary tactic is weaponizing Google search results for their targets, flooding front page search returns with inflammatory articles written to deceive the discoverer and make them suspicious of the target.

The Smith brothers not only weaponize Google search with misinformation articles, but also impersonate other internet users while doing so. This is a deviant strategy, designed to pit online communities against one another or an individual that they target.  While RationalWiki has been the homebase for this notorious family, the Smiths have also created articles and/or forum posts about me on Encyclopedia Dramatica, KiwiFarms, WordPress, and a host of other communities.

Since this troll farm keeps a record of each “attempt” on archive.is – I only have to refer the reader to their own archiving of their own activity targeting me for the past four years as the evidence.

The RationalWiki article on me is lying when it claims there is no evidence of harassment.

This peculiar subculture that I have unintentionally provoked view themselves as if on a mission, and anyone who confronts them for their behaviors they view as part of their obsessive ideological war.

RationalWiki’s article on me states that I am a “conspiracy theorist”, even of the “tin foil” hat type – for suggesting these skeptic editors would ever do such a thing as online harassment.

Claims of harassment directed toward’s the skeptic community on Wikipedia and RationalWiki are not “extraordinary” claims – so treating a subject making those claims as a “conspiracy theorist” is not a serious response, nor is it fair to represent it that way to the skeptic community.

RationalWiki’s response to this very serious claim is predictably juvenile.

There is no “theory” here at all. I’m not proposing anything.

I am simply creating a chronicle of events that have occurred over four years and recorded on the internet via third-party platforms. These violations are obvious and gross -since I am also the subject of their influence campaign- they make this very easy for me to distinguish what is true, real, and valid and what is absolute make believe trolling operation.

After all, if anyone is an expert on me, it would be me.

These editors doxxed me on Wikipedia, invaded my privacy in 2013

I had my real life name as well as false or misleading information about my views exposed on Wikipedia by three Wikipedia editors – Wikipedia editor Manul, Roxy the Dog, and Dan Skeptic (an account linked directly to the Goblin Face skeptic troll farm)

None of them were flagged on Wikipedia for this obvious abuse of Wikipedia’s own harassment guidelines, especially around protecting users anonymity.

All of this happened before I was blocked indefinitely from Wikipedia editing, an event this community specifically influenced and I then detailed on Wikipedia, We Have a Problem.

Q4 2013 is when this began.

This is what the data shows.

Right after this group of editors doxxed me on Wikipedia and instigated and influenced this event to block me from editing – Wikipedia editor Dan Skeptic (and likely other Wikipedia editors involved) began to write about me on RationalWiki as revenge for confronting them on Wikipedia, first on Rupert Sheldrake’s RationalWiki entry – and then dedicating an article about me by creating the first “stub” on RationalWiki for my name.

Additionally, Wikipedia editor Dan Skeptic created two WordPress blogs about me, harassing me in an obvious manner (romeviharoisanidiot.wordpress.com, romeviharoisamoron.wordpress.com).

RationalWiki’s article on me is intentionally deceptive and designed to mislead the skeptic community and the reader while covering up their activity.

What’s more, two prominent Wikipedia editors and thought leaders of Wikipedia skeptic editing, Tim Farley (who was given a grant by the James Randi Educational Foundation to encourage and manage skeptics to edit on Wikipedia) and Susan Gerbic, founder of Guerilla Skeptics on Wikipedia (who credits Tim Farley for inspiring her to founding GSoW) were confronted on Facebook directly for sharing Dan Skeptic’s RationalWiki article on me right after it was created in December of 2013, and encouraged skeptics to use this link to discredit me and prevent me from recovering my own reputation.

What’s more Tim Farley, on his podcast as well as his blog – was caught actually faking data sets about the Wikipedia harassment on Sheldrake’s article – and waved to the skeptic community that WWHP was just “bullshit”, a clear attempt to engage in the discredit of this study and myself.

Tim Farley was lying. After being presented with the evidence that his data sets were faked, Farley continues to publish them.

What’s more, this very same Wikipedia editor, Dan Skeptic – is apart of a now exposed Wikipedia troll farm that engages in bizarre impersonations amongst other things (you can see for yourself just reviewing their sock puppet farm which is now exposed on Wikipedia).

On two occasions, Tim Farley has been caught defending two of the many “sock puppets” discovered on Dan Skeptics massive Wikipedia troll farm (links pending).

Wikipedia editor Dan Skeptic is an active troll farm operator and quickly creates multiple accounts on platforms, Wikipedia in particular, to often impersonate other users to inflame a community or influence their perceptions about another editor.

The more I detail on this site about these activities, the more they target me in return on RationalWiki.

More recently Dan Skeptic was caught on a Wikipedia criticism forum impersonating a Wikipedia admin, and even worse impersonating me on lulu.com as the author of a book, and trying to influence a community about another one of his targets, Wikipedia editor Abd.

Dan Skeptic is also one of the primary authors of the RationalWiki article that was written about me, and four years later engages in continued obsessive stalking and malicious influence campaigns so extreme I’ve had to contact and report to the FBI.

What’s more – the Wikipedia editor Dan Skeptic is the actual RationalWiki editor who wrote the line in my biography on RW; “Viharo claims he is harassed on Wikipedia and RationalWiki, for which there exists no evidence” as well as “Viharo has a victim complex, where ever his name is mentioned he claims he is harassed.”

I’ve also been contacted by “Dan Skeptic” via email – and recently as well as over the years he has confessed to these events and I have the emails from him to prove it, in his own words.

So none of this is a “conspiracy theory”, rather it is just a digital online trail of someone who has a disturbed psychology targeting another human being on the internet. No tin foil hat necessary, but at this stage, I’ll try almost anything since both Wikipedia and RationalWiki offer zero paths to recourse and in many cases, appear to be giving this individual safe haven.

RationalWiki is gaslighting their targets and specifically, they are gaslighting me.

That they are even labeling this website as a “fake news” site makes their troll farm misinformation campaign just as equally ridiculous, and predictable, as our Twitter’s president’s grievances with the press.

For the RationalWiki article on me to deny this is pure psychological gas lighting – and woefully stupid since I’m not theorizing anything, simply directly linking to events recorded on open source third-party platforms and falsifiable by any third party and you know, just being honest and transparent about my own activities and behaviors.

RationalWiki can’t cover up their editors intentionally publishing my real name on Wikipedia, a violation of Wikipedia’s clear community guidelines and rules.

RationalWiki’s article on me can’t cover up over four years of continued online harassment by Wikipedia editor Dan Skeptic.

Most importantly, David Gerard can’t cover up he has already allowed and supported this for four years.

RationalWiki’s article on me can attempt to discredit me all they want, this website uses evidence on third-party platforms which are time stamped and verifiable to directly show extreme forms of online harassment from within their community, as well as a direct admission from one of their members.

RationalWiki for the past few years has continually changed and altered the narrative about me, shifting one way or another because that article is based on misinformation intentionally designed to mislead and maliciously attack someone on the internet.

RationalWiki’s rebuttals in the article written on me, therefore, have a shelf life, while mine do not.

@RationalWiki – Keep it up 

Nothing helps build the credibility of this case study more than the continued editing of my RationalWiki article by this troll farm and their non-working attempts to cover up their own involvement.

For the reader – please visit my case study page or see links below for detailed evidence-based reporting on this troll farm.

Meet the sockpuppet army. (Manul/Vzaak, Atlantid, Roxy the Dog, Goblin Face, Dan Skeptic, etc)

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