“We’ll never stop!” says Wikipedia editor, claims they’re paid by a “prominent skeptic”

Less than 24 hours since publishing my latest post which shows a  consistent and clear pattern of Wikipedia and RationalWiki editors impersonating and harassing individuals on the internet for viral marketing their fundraising efforts, I got a response on Reddit from one of the main culprits involved.Sheesh, you would think that if my blog has helped them find paid work they would be a little more appreciative.

I also received this PM.
If it wasn’t so disturbing due to their sociopathic natures and behaviors, their zeal would be silly. 

And predictable for machine learning too.

Online digital media platforms, especially since the election – are going to be under a new level of scrutiny when it comes to online harassment and stalking. These editors are woefully behind the times and do not seem to be aware at all of how their online behaviors, brought to light and recorded on Wikipedia, We Have a Problem – are obvious examples of the worst types of internet users and behaviors and obvious to anyone who isn’t a sociopath.

They are also not aware that they are informing not just my study which branches into aiki wiki platform development – but Google Jigsaw’s as well.

Google’s Jigsaw team is developing machine learning algorithms to make it easier to flag things like online harassment and misinformation. I’ve been in deep dialogue with their team over the past four months, and a few key phrases used by Smiths Wikipedia editing accounts to attack and target others on Wikipedia have already contributed to their machine learning algorithm, and we’ve barely begun to dig into the vast Smith history of almost two hundred Wikipedia editing accounts, all recorded on MediaWikis by their own actions.

Additionally – these individuals doing this are from the UK, and in the UK they view creating fake accounts to impersonate other people on the internet as a crime.

It’s only a matter of time, RationalWiki. The chickens will come home to roost.


Now they are creating fake Facebook accounts.

Within a few hours of publication, this post was shared on Facebook by “The Society for Psychical Research”, an organization frequently targeted by RationalWiki and Wikipedia editors, especially the Smiths. And just like we see on Wikipedia, RationalWiki, and Reddit -the WWHP post was immediately visited by freshly created fake FB account, now reported and deleted by FB, attempting to damage control their activities reported on WWHP.

More push back from skeptic communities for publishing WWHP

Additionally, today I was banned from Reddit/r/skeptic, which is kinda nuts because it’s not a community or forum I visit or post in, maybe once or twice at best, usually in response to a thread that my stalker posts with some bizarro world misinformation about me, like this one about “Rome Viharo and Rupert Sheldrake’s pseudoscience”



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