RationalWiki’s “drinking games”

On RationalWiki, there is a drinking game that is played amongst their community. Kind of fun actually inside of its own context. When ever certain key phrases are mentioned in a criticism, someone types “Drink!” as a response. One such criticism that gets a “Drink!” is whether RATIONALwiki is even “rational” at all.

So I suspect by the end of this article RationalWiki editors will be absolutely obliterated, which likely accounts for the majority of their decisions and choices as online publishers.


Recently I posted a non-toxic critique of Wikipedia article “squatting” by antagonists of a subject. “David Gerard versus the blockchain, an emerging wiki war” focused on the behaviors of Wikipedia editor and RationalWiki trustee member David Gerard. Himself an ardent cryptocurrency and blockchain antagonist, David himself is parked on Wikipedia Etherium article, upsetting that community.

I also mentioned RationalWiki, and that platform’s abusive consensus building process, where they attack and defame an individual’s credibility as “payback” while attempting to bring credibility to their own attacks by publishing encyclopedic articles about their targets. If they can’t get a narrative published on Wikipedia through “consensus building”, and they’ve worn out all attempts at editor suppression, these Wikipedia editors simply take it over to RationalWiki and publish there.

I noted that David Gerard is a symptom of a toxic editing culture, where verbal abuse, personal attacks, and agro-hype is used to literally control and bully narratives about individuals or subjects they target.

Boy did the RationalWiki community not like it.

RationalWiki brain trust responds

As if to prove my point – RationalWiki brain trustee FuzzyCat Potato’s follow up was to further “dox” my internet history and re-edit my RationalWiki article , adding more vapor and continue with the three year long flag waving campaign.

With dramatic suspense coupled with “Oliver Smith levels of paranoia”, Fuzzy is proud to show that RationalWiki has “discovered” my fifteen year internet history.

Rome Viharo ….. operates under aliases Bubblefish,[4][5][6] PillyM,[4] WWHP,[5] Tumbleman,[4][7] 23canaries,[8] and hoofish.[9] .”

(emphasis as written on RationalWiki)

The citations appear daunting at first, like all flag waving.

This private account history of mine which Fuzzy is proud to publish as the lead, were all account usernames originally intended to be anonymous, spanning over fifteen years at different times – each on totally separate forums, all of which I had a presence or relationship with in some way, for all completely different reasons. AKA normal internet activity.

Yet FuzzyCatPotato contextualizes four accounts spanning fifteen years as evidence I operating “alias” accounts, creating suspicion where none is warranted, and hoping the links convince you that I am deserving of being doxed on the web.

RationalWiki presents itself to look like a real online encyclopedia, and their response to my recent article is classic RationalWiki trolling response; discredit and destroy the person with “citations”.


RationalWiki’s “circular citations” damage control flag waving.

Members of RationalWiki, David included, often cite RationalWiki itself as a source to make claims back on social media (Reddit, Hacker News, etc), creating a circular logic loop where they attempt to mislead readers with false credibility as if their platform was a referenced based encyclopedia.

Let me show you how.

Within a few hours after I shared a link to my article on Hacker news, David Gerard himself showed up to respond; “From my view, this is persistent crank Rome Viharo complaining that someone from RationalWiki (me) is mean yet again.”

Showing you exactly how “mean” they can be, another RationalWiki editor chimed in:

Viharo has been described as pedoish and a stalker because he’s doxed and stalked Wikipedia editors who are far younger than him, including teenagers. Viharo has whole sections on his website following these editors, recording everything about them, even their taste in computer games. Its creepy. He should just move on and stop stalking wikipedians he holds responsible for his ban.”

Nice, right? What’s more – that very same individual who wrote that is the same individual who writes my RationalWiki article. He is known to have severe mental illness and when you check the “links” to claims he makes, you can see there is a paranoid disturbed mind making connections where none exist.

That’s how sincere my group of harassers are – stooping to criminal level defamation, so severe I had to contact the FBI.  This has been going on a few times a month, for years.

On RationalWiki, paths of recourse are dismissed as “conspiracy theories”.

And all I have done for the past three years or so is simply confront them on this behavior, which RationalWiki dismisses, with citations – that my attempts at recourse is just a “conspiracy theory” written by an internet crank, as you can see cited in their very own article on yours truly.


Reddit response team

In addition to RationalWiki, David Gerard appears to be a member in quite high standing on another highbrow forum on Reddit –  /r/buttcoin. A safe space for David to woo the crowd with his same gab when someone posted the article there.

“This is banned Wikipedia crank Rome Viharo, who tried the same on RationalWiki and we told him to go away too.”


When I got pinged that Reddit was linking to me, and saw David’s comment, I saw it as an opportunity to confront David for RationalWiki’s campaign to target me.

The response from David was continuing the misinformation campaign spread by a small handful of “skeptic activist” editors on Wikipedia, damage controlling perceptions of their behaviors:

“You were banned for abuse, sockpuppetry and harassment. This remains a good ban that should stay in place. There, that was easy. Citations linked from here: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Rome_Viharo”

And of course, there was the continued “Oliverisms” throughout Reddit during this time, continuing the same  wildly distorted narrative, of course all them linking to the RationalWiki article as “proof” of their personal attacks.

Rome Viharo’s Wikipedia We Have a Problem is fake news and misinformation from WikiInAction

Now here comes the rub. Fuzzy really likes to salt a wound.

“Aiki wiki is a poorly defined concept that Viharo spends more time viral marketing than developing”

Because of online harassment, specifically the RationalWiki article on me coupled with bi weekly stalking from at least one of their editors, I had to pause my plan for crowdfunding the next phase of development for aiki wiki back in 2014, a project I’ve paid over $20,000.00 myself in personal funding, and require $50,000.00 for the next phase.

If anyone is wondering if that pisses me off – the simple honest answer to that question would be yes.

Circular logic, like drinking games, can really make your head spin.

Perhaps it is time to put away the drinking games and sober up.




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