“This whole mess needs to be cleaned up”

“Loc” is a skeptic who visited RationalWiki, and “this whole mess” he is referring to is RationalWiki’s “attack” articles on people, attempting to embarrass them and in some cases destroy their reputations, especially yours truly.

Loc addressed RW editors on RationalWiki back in June of 2015, following what he read on Wikipedia, We Have a Problem.

“I was extremely confused and for a moment – when I looked at the talk page and Rome’s user’s talk page – it seemed like RW are indeed a bunch of assholes, considering I saw Viharo’s entry of his situation on Wikipedia first, where some skepticalist people who had him by the balls seemed to be assholes, with many reputable Wikipedians agreeing.”

It ain’t rocket science, my own individual case of editor suppression on Wikipedia is obvious to any third party.

“Rome comes here and is upset, he claims this article is influencing his professional and personal life. He also claims you intruded into his private life by finding out his real-life identity… You initially react like a bunch of immature twats, arranging clique-like behavior and stuff. It doesn’t matter whether you do this or not – I believe this guy sincerely felt oppressed (especially given his previous experience with Wikipedia, which indeed was oppressive)….To clear things up – I’m simply asking for an article which will clearly and easily-accessibly present the whole affair (which looks very ugly and might discourage potential newcomers from visiting this site) in a objective, well-described manner. Loc (talk) 22:52, 29 June 2015 (UTC)”

Now this was interesting, because my RationalWiki article states that WWHP is just a “conspiracy theory” of skeptic activity, and here we have an actual skeptic who read WWHP and agrees with the obvious conclusion, I was targeted and harassed on Wikipedia and this activity followed over onto RationalWiki.

FuzzyCat Potato responded at the time to Loc, and apparently only concerned about the affect on RationalWiki “PR”.

“We can certainly add a section on Rome’s involvement at RW on this page. Would that resolve most of the “public relations” issues? The FCP Foundation (talk/stalk) 23:02, 29 June 2015 (UTC)”

The rest of the RationalWiki community showed the same level of self reflection, zero. This somewhat forced Loc to be a little more frank.

“…Let’s assume I actually never cared about PR and now I think an article which revises this whole thing would be great for those who want a quick summary without unnecessary unpleasantness…I’m interested how we could refer to both Viharo’s and our behaviour, how do we see it nowadays, what is the consensus and what it could potentially change. Cuz, y’know, I don’t want to have a lawsuit filed on me. 😉 Loc (talk) 00:25, 30 June 2015 (UTC)”

That was two years ago.

Instead of fixing up the article, FuzzyCatPotato buried that discussion on RationalWiki so deep and almost omitted from the archives all together.

As well as locking the article and the “talk” page so no one could comment or edit.




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