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Shenanigans continue in the twisted world of wiki wars.


Rome Viharo, April 6th, 2017

Jytdog is a Wikipedia editor I’ve mentioned a few times on this site, primarily around his involvement in the suppression of a Wikipedia editor ‘TheCapn’ on Deepak Chopra’s Biography Page. I also had a few encounters with him myself as SAS81.

Nice fellow to chat with, but I don’t agree with many of his tactics on Wikipedia.

He is a dedicated Wikipedia editor who probably does as much good as damage. At best, I believe he is rather naive in a few areas and fails to see his own blindspots as part of a significant problem.

He is also on my radar for some rather suspicious behaviors.

Jytdog has a history of banning Wikipedia editors for being associated with, or even mentioning Wikipedia, We Have a Problem back on Wikipedia.

He spreads misinformation about this website directly to Jimbo Wales talk page. Interesting, and news to me, Jytdog added that WWHP is a blacklisted site.  See here for the full quote. (and the recent update: Another skeptic editor/admin “Callenecc” added WWHP to the ‘blacklist’ around this same time)

Jytdog explains why WWHP is dangerous to read for any Wikipedia editor, citing me as a “fringe pusher” on Sheldrake and Chopra. He informs Jimbo Wales that I publish “conspiracy theories”, a charge made about me that continually brings me some amusement, I admit.

I’m not referencing Jytdog’s framing of this study as ‘misinformation’ to defend myself or to be hyperbolic. It literally is, in the true meaning of the word, misinformation.

My sole work on those articles was extremely, and intentionally, limited to biographical credits, non controversial facts such as “biologist” and “MD” being sourced in the lead properly. There is nothing in my edit history for him, or any editor, to frame any other intent other than the face value words of my edits and comments.

So either he is not familiar with this website at all, and just buying Wikipedia editor Manul’s ‘flag waving’ damage control narratives about yours truly, or he himself is damage controlling perceptions on Wikipedia with misinformation intentionally.

I try to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Yesterday, my Twitter account got pinged because a “Jytdog” followed me on Twitter.

Not something I was expecting. Even more suspicious was his Twitter bio claimed he was a ‘paid editor’ for hire.

An impersonation account.

In case anyone is wondering who the culprit is, yes it probably is who you are thinking if you follow this blog.  I’ve had to deal with Oliver Smith impersonating other Wikipedia editors or RationalWiki editors in his three year long harassment campaign against me, so I’m a little more suspect than most when I see a fake account.

Oliver Smith does impersonate people, or accounts, often, specifically to enrage animosity between different targets he has, creating more tension within his communities as he attempts to build his own online personal armies. If this sounds crazy to you, it’s because it is.

(Update: I received another Tweet from this Twitter account, it is not Oliver or any of my stalkers, see here)

However, Jytdog is under suspicion for being an editor for the pharma and biotech sectors (like Monsanto), but he has always spoken out against Conflict of Interest editing. So not something he would likely do, expose himself on Twitter like that.

I can take Jytdog at his word that he is not a paid editor, or an advocate for certain sectors of industry, and that he edits for the love.

What is questionable to his claim, however, is his own prolific editing history.

That kind of editing history is a full time job. More than eight hour work days. Not just in the keyboards, but in the head.

If editing Wikipedia is not Jytdog’s paid gig, what else does he get paid to do that takes away his superman editing focus on Wikipedia? It’s a consuming behavior that personally, I could not maintain after one or two months.

Unless I was paid to, of course.

I do like some of Jytdog’s gab, though. In addition to his “suspicious” side (and hopefully I played a small role in this in our previous discussions two years ago) he is one of the few editors that focus on the problem of ‘advocacy editing’ or what I call ‘agenda editing’ as opposed to ‘paid editing’.

He can be affable and considering at times.

But the facts are, from the point of view of this study, that it is true Jytdog practices editor suppression tactics on Wikipedia.

Jytdog, no doubt, is no fan of me or this publication, as I speak out heavily against ‘skeptic agenda’ editors specifically, who over step their relevance into BLP’s, of which he is one.

I don’t want to have to deal with Jytdog more than I have to, so seeing him be set up in another online charade by someone else is not something I would wish on my worst enemies, or Jytdog.

So I did the only thing I could do.

I evaded my ban on Wikipedia, again.

I created an account called ‘nopewasntme‘ on Wikipedia yesterday (my first since SAS81) to warn Jytdog of this attempt on his talk page.

I’ve also informed Wikipedia on this account that I am an indef banned user circumventing my sanction, and to please block the account at their earliest convenience.

I’m sure they will be happy to.

I posted it to my user talk page, and linked tried to link  back to this website to verify it is really me, not an impersonation. And, ain’t gonna lie,  I also wanted to test Jytdog’s claim about this website being blacklisted on Wikipedia, and was curious to see what happens if I do actually link to this site there.

Rome Viharo


Update: Can confirm.

This website’s url is technically blocked from sharing on Wikipedia.

Flattered, actually.

Not only that, but I was immediately IP banned, linking me to my previous accounts. Impressive technology. It works perfectly to keep collaborative editors out, and the crazies in.

Thanks, WikiMedia.


Update: 7:30:41 AM

Our Twitter impersonator may have jovial intentions, and set up the Jytdog account to be more satire of Wikipedia editors. This is not likely Oliver or from my group of stalkers.

The give away? Got a tweet this morning from this account. It was funny.

None of my detractors on Wikipedia have a sense of humor, certainly not Oliver.

I’m all for theatre, satire, humor, and any thing that brings a more human element to this twisted world of wiki wars.

Carry on.


Jytdog on Wikipedia, We Have A Problem.

  • The OP here and in their earlier post directly cites the title of Rome Viharo’s website http://wikipediawehaveaproblem.com/ and echoes much of Viharo’s conspiracist hysteria about a skeptic takeover of WP (which Viharo apparently decided must be True after the community continually rejected his FRINGE-pushing nonsense about Sheldrake and Chopra) and who was a huge waste of the community’s time – see SPIs on Tumbleman and AE for his pal Askahrc. Our friends at Natural News love this theme as well – see this for example. The internetz is full of this nonsense. Nice company. Probably’s Jimbo’s best contribution to WP was his statement about WP:Lunatic charlatans in response to a cri de couer from the rejected woo-pushers out there, which I commend to all who are unaware of it. That is where the community stands on this stuff. There is no skeptic takeover. Jytdog (talk) 19:37, 8 September 2016 (UTC)

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