The Smiths’ Dark Entanglement, a criminal report.

This article is filed with the FBI, and is and will be used for any and all future legal or criminal charges that I or others may be making. This individual have impersonated, targeted, threatened, and even attempted to blackmail me.

This article is publishing the names of an”outed” RationalWiki and Wikipedia editor whose name has been published on the web on more than one platform, including RationalWiki, where he and his brother frequently edit.

This website has not doxed Oliver Smith or his brother.

These individuals have contacted me many times over the years, including on Twitter, and have confirmed their identities to me, as well as being investigated by other communities who were trying to dox them because what they do often cross over into borderline criminal online behavior.

I publish their names because I truly believe these individuals are an online public menace, and after more than three years of harassment with zero options for any recourse on Wikipedia, WikiMedia, or RationalWiki, this is one of the very few options that I have.

There is no defamation, there is no slander, there are no lies in this article.

I am willing to testify in a court of law that the information I have disclosed is true to the best of my knowledge.

“You idiots don’t seem to realize that I made the Viharo and Jon Donnis pages here, then set up a whole load of other people and turned them against each other, as well as at Rationalwiki. I also added Viharo’s page at Rationalwiki.”  – RationalWiki editor “Kroms”, one of dozens of accounts operated by the Smith brothers, to sysops at Encyclopedia Dramatica, 2016

A blackmail website called ‘Candice Lynn Potter dot com’ appears to support Oliver Smith’s online agenda.

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by Rome Viharo

I have no qualms reporting that one of the primary suspects in my three-year-long case study into abuses on Wikipedia around editor suppression is an individual who lives in the UK by the name of Oliver Smith, who has a twin brother and an older brother.

It is difficult to determine at times which brother is which, so I refer to Oliver the most since he has the most online information published about him and his activities and he is the one I have interacted with the most. At least one of his brothers is involved, it is unknown if it is his twin brother or his older brother, or both.

There is technical (IP), contextual, and behavioral evidence that proves this enough to contact the authorities in both the UK and the US, including the FBI – to warn them about their activities.

It is difficult to tease apart which was Daryl’s activity and which was Oliver, or perhaps, another family member. Since I’ve only had direct communication with Oliver, I tend to focus on him more in this study.

I believe, and I have, valid, reasoned evidence that supports that Oliver and to some extent his brother Darryl have willingly, and with extreme malice – targeted and stalked and impersonated individuals online for the purposes of harassment, slander, and in this instance blackmail.

I also believe it is compassionate to state that there is a high degree of likelihood that Oliver, and perhaps his brother too, suffer from mental illness, and because of that – reactions to their activities should be balanced with that consideration.

While they are engaging in these very dark internet arts, their motivations around them appear the result of mental imbalance and less motivated by any tangible desires, like money, fame, or even the ‘lulz’ sought after by many online communities.

Despite Oliver’s extreme attempts and attacks on me, I do not hold any malice towards him.

By Oliver’s own actions, decisions and choices, he walked into my study into harassment and editor suppression on Wikipedia and that is where I met him.

He or his brother have only my compassion for their suffering minds.

I am not Oliver’s enemy. My actions with Oliver are all purely defensive.

Had he never stalked and harassed me for years, I would never know he existed nor would I ever likely encounter him. My interest in Oliver Smith and his brother are solely because they were involved in this websites case study into editor suppression on Wikipedia, as it was discovered that a rather large sock puppet army on Wikipedia of over fifty accounts was linked to their shared IP address.

Two accounts linked to them are “Dan Skeptic”, a Wikipedia editor who brutally harassed and stalked me on Wikipedia while editing Rupert Sheldrake’s biography. On RationalWiki, this user is “David1234”, the editor who started an article on me there as “payback”.

Oliver Smiths online activity on Wikipedia is also crucial to my case study – his behaviors on Wikipedia were tolerated by a number of Wikipedia editors like Manul, and this editor, clearly someone’s sock puppet harassing a minority group of editors, was allowed to target me while editing as other groups of editors began targeting me for sanctioning and suppression.

Although Oliver and most likely his brother continued Wikipedia harassment deep into RationalWiki and Reddit and continued into a strange web of wiki platforms – outside of WWHP’s reporting and confronting Oliver, I  have no interest, or history, or participation whatsoever in platforms such as RationalWiki, KiwiFarms, Lolcows, Encyclopedia Dramatica or Wikia. 

Any claims otherwise are simply false.

My main issue is Wikipedia and editor suppression, and for the past three years, my journey investigating this phenomenon has lead me to more dark corners of the web than I really care to ever visit.

This is just the latest chapter.

Blackmail and intimidation published on Candice Lynn

Recently, I’ve been contacted via email by both Oliver Smith and a horde of individuals whom I don’t know (and I won’t publish their names either) regarding the creation of a blackmail website.

I will not link to this website, but you can find it in google search by searching for Candice Lynn Potter dot com (CLP)

This website is publishing what I believe to be criminal libel and slander, targeting a few individuals other than just myself, and listing us as child rapists and pedophiles.

Then, this website is threatening me and other victims to join their crusade against a website called Kiwi Farms. I am not associated with this website at all and I am not sure why they would target me in their campaign against them.

CLP request we target someone known as Joshua Moon and his entire family, including his parents.

I do not know Joshua Moon or his family.

They claim that if we do not join their crusade, not only will they continue to publish criminally defaming language against me, but any failure to comply with their requests justifies they believe their actions.

If I am not with them, I can only be against them in their crusade.

Their crusade entails, so far, creating 100’s of word press blogs attacking their targets, specifically attacking the parents of Joshua Moon.

They also insist I remove material about Oliver Smith published on this website.

There is no other word for this other than blackmail.

I’ve taken extraordinary care publishing this website.

I’ve reported responsibly on various wiki wars and individuals who have taken extreme steps to ‘win’ them.

I can assure the reader there is no libel published on Wikipedia, We Have a Problem.

This is one of the most crucial bits of evidence into who is behind Candice Lynn Potter dot com.

Oliver is clearly is a benefactor of all of the targets on Candice Lynn Potter dot com. CLP is targeting the same people Oliver Smith believes, in his mind, are his enemies.

CLP wants to stop the publication of WWHP, as well as take down ‘Kiwi Farms’, removing Oliver’s obstacles.

There are a number of other individuals involved either directly or indirectly, and almost daily I have batches of emails sent to me which are forwards of other email chains attempting to find or frame the individuals responsible for this website publishing this blackmail.

I will not publish any of these names. There is lots of flag waving happening here, and lots of illusion to dispel.

I will only focus on one individual who is both directly, and indirectly – responsible for me being targeted in such a fashion on CLP. 

This individual’s name is Oliver Smith, a resident of the UK.

Oliver has brothers, one of them a twin. At what degree one of them is involved or steps in while the other steps out is unknown.

And I have three years of evidence and history of his, and his brother’s activities which I have detailed and tracked since October of 2013, beginning on Wikipedia.

Candice Lynn Potter dot com is nothing but a predictable continuation of Oliver Smith’s pattern of harassment and clever online manipulations which continually get exposed.

This post is a complete review and timeline of that evidence, which has also been shared with law enforcement.

Everything mentioned below has verifiable and falsifiable evidence for, and I will update this frequently with additional links to each and every claim made on this site.

I have published everything with the intention of complete integrity and honesty, the best I can. Making this easy for me, Oliver Smith himself along with a few others have actually archived virtually every piece of online harassment against me on – so visiting here will also show their complete history far better than this review will.

Oct 2013: Enter Harassment, intimidation on Wikipedia, RationalWiki from Oliver and Darryl Smith.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I met Oliver Smith and his brother three years ago on Wikipedia as they created an editing account named ‘Dan Skeptic’, who was one of a handful of Wikipedia editors who engaged in editor suppression tactics, as mentioned often in this study.

At the time, Oliver and Darryl were minor players to the harassment and editor suppression I reported on Wikipedia as my case study focused more on Wikipedia editor Manul and a blogger, Tim Farley.

At the time I was investigating editor suppression on Wikipedia in Rupert Sheldrakes wiki war, Oliver or his brother Daryl initiated a highly misleading ‘attack’ article on me on RationalWiki as ‘David1234’.

“You idiots don’t seem to realise that I made the Viharo and Jon Donnis pages here, then set up a whole load of other people and turned them against each other, as well as at Rationalwiki. I also added Viharo;s page at Rationalwiki.” The Smiths, posting as RationalWiki editor “Kroms”

What links them to this account is also contextual, and I will cover that later. The Smiths create many sock puppet accounts, yet they always make mistakes, revisiting an article they worked on as a previous sock. Since their interests are very peculiar, this makes tracking their sock puppet accounts very easy – as a number of others have done around the web with them.

Oliver and his brothers are also notorious for impersonating other online users, or creating many sock puppet accounts. Because of this, they often admit activities and forgetting later, and one of these impersonation accounts directly admitted that another of their sock puppet accounts were responsible for being David1234 on RationalWiki.

Around this time I also discovered two websites were created in my name on WordPress, and

This is consistent with all of the Smith household activity on the web, we see this some four years later with three other individuals.

Oliver, and those like him, like to create and publish as many articles on their targets that they can get away with, across many wikis, discussion forums, and word press blogs with primitive SEO strategies. This acts as a surprisingly effective misinformation campaign which they use to influence small social communities online.

When they target an individual, they will continue to create as many forum posts or articles about these individuals, making off the wall absurd claims, a combination of distorted views influenced by what appears to me to be mental paranoia. Despite the influx of mental disturbance, they do intentional harm, sometimes seeking to destroy people’s lives.

When I discovered this extreme behavior (I was not expecting this, it did through me off guard when it started) on Wikipedia it escalated across platforms over to another wiki called RationalWiki, and then a few other platforms. This is when I decided to publish WWHP in the first place and document their activities under various user accounts, but having no idea that the Smiths even existed or were involved.

So in many ways, I have an intimate relationship with Oliver’s activities and really owe the success so far of Wikipedia, We Have a Problem to them.

All I knew, however, in 2013 is that I was being targeted by individuals on the internet in what only appeared to me as payback for publishing Wikipedia We Have a Problem and confronting editor suppression on Wikipedia.

I also took very methodical steps in all of my participations, with reasoned consensus building, collaborative intentions, and responsible editorializing of the dynamics that happen inside of this phenomenon known as wiki wars.

These individuals I encountered to me appeared rapid, ridiculous, juvenile, and now threatening my professional reputation, something I’ve worked hard for.

So in 2013 – 2014,  I buckled down and took a year off from my normal professional life in media technology to focus on Wikipedia editor suppression, which is part of the development of my online platform

2014 – 2015

Large Sock Puppet Army is discovered on Wikipedia

I continued to publish Wikipedia, We Have a Problem  which began to get  more viral, and involve myself in a new ‘wiki war’ for this case study, this time involving a well known celebrity, Deepak Chopra. Acting has his media representative on Wikipedia, and making a detailed case against editor suppression on Wikipedia by a group of ‘skeptic activist’ editors who dominated a number of biographies. 

This fuels my online detractors a bit more. Oliver being one of them. I just didn’t realize it at the time.

I publish on WWHP about the discovery of  a very large sock puppet army of over fifty accounts being discovered on Wikipedia and blocked by a few Wikipedia Admins.

This evidence is via verifiable third party, Wikipedia’s own check user tool.

This discovery showed an undeniable technical link to editing accounts ‘Dan Skeptic‘ to ‘AtlantID‘ and ‘Goblin Face‘ – with all of these accounts sharing one IP address.

Sometimes these accounts claimed to have schizophrenia – and often these accounts were discovered to take two opposite sides in a discussion on Wikipedia, often with no one else involved – a clear sign of mental disturbance.

Oliver has peculiar interests, which span across Atlantis, the paranormal, and ancient Egypt which stand out other than more popular interests he has such as video games like Tomb Raider, which is he also known to post about. 

This is the contextual evidence against Oliver Smith and his brother.

They can be traced by not just IP, but by edits to articles on various wikis related to these topics, where we see one of their accounts leave off where another one begins, and therefore we can trace accounts by the articles they share in common, and, in many cases – the online enemies they believe they have in their minds.

It is through this contextual evidence that links them to other accounts on other platforms, such as RationalWiki, where ‘David1234’ created an article on me while editing articles of a similar nature.

I publish this discovery of a large sock puppet army on WWHP in November of 2015.

Still, at the time I did not know who Oliver Smith was, or the person responsible for any of these accounts.

Sometime after publication of this, however, I then get an email threat to remove the post about ‘Goblin Face’.

This email includes a link to a Religious Forum where the OP claims to be me arguing against evolutionary theory (which is not a position I do have, give a sh*t about, or ever will have).

This is another weaponized pattern Oliver uses in his arsenal, and we will see it again. Oliver likes to create, and control, narratives about others, specifically his targets.

Considering the mental disturbance, it is likely Oliver may actually believe these bizarre narratives he creates about others. Most of the narratives he creates about others regard some activity online that Oliver perceives is evidence or justification for him to weave his stories. Oliver makes these narratives more ‘real’ when he distributes them to other wikis and forums, building a ‘personal army’ and ‘dark collaborative’ around their construction and further dissemination.

Using to attack an individual using these psychological tactics is also pattern in Oliver’s arsenal, and we will see it come up again. Oliver appears to re-use platforms he know he can easily abuse or manipulate.

This email threat also informed me that ‘Dan Skeptic’, the Wikipedia editor I encountered on Sheldrake’s Wiki War, was a shared account with an individual with these interests based on all of his editing histories across many accounts, and one of the first big breakthroughs in publishing this study.

Now the evidence of overlooked behaviors on Wikipedia designed to harass others was that much more clear for this study.

On Wikipedia, RationalWiki and a few skeptic blogs – this countered the claim that I was never harassed, and clearly contradicted the claim that there was no evidence for me being harassed.

At the time, this was consistent within a pattern within the ‘skeptic activist’ community on Wikipedia and RationalWiki that I detailed in this study, attempting to discredit my voice  in consensus building with bizarre claims that have nothing to do with my life or viewpoints, such as me being a promoter of ‘pseudoscience’ and now a ‘creationist’ since RationalWiki editors were disparate to find any evidence online that could support their attack narrative published about me. 

What this email made clear to me was this individual was aware they were framing me in a manner which to discredit me, and in a manner which they were aware did not reflect who I am or my viewpoints.

This email made clear to me that this individual has been engaging in, and threatened to continue to discredit and destroy my reputation online via links discoverable in Google search.

What I was not aware of at the time is that this individual used RationalWiki has his own personal army in his attack on me, and I was not aware of how adept he was at manipulating RationalWiki’s community.

I publish the email that was sent to me on WWHP – and now begin to blog about each step this individual takes in response, such as him publishing blogs about me being a paranoid drug user and internet stalker, going to more extreme attempts now crossing over into the criminally libel. 

Oliver escalates and makes good on his threat

True to his email threat, this individual creates a new article about me on Encyclopedia Dramatica, impersonating another Wikipedia editor I mention in this case study – known as TheRedPenofDOOM.

This individual then gets called out on EncyclopediaDramatica for this deception, although who he really is still elusive to me, it is apparent this individual is continuing a pattern on both Encyclopedia Dramatia and RationalWiki, while also operating a large Wikipedia sock puppet farm.

Each attempt this individual makes against me online, I continue to blog about and confront. 

Each attempt this individual takes to control and mislead a narrative about me, I contradict with a direct and honest response. I have been consistent with this pattern for three years.

It is apparent this user is responsible for really disturbed online activity, impersonating others, and using this activity to pit one group of individuals against another.

Additionally, this individual takes care with each strategic operation to distort, or destroy, someone’s online reputation – which clearly is performed by them with a genuine malice.

With such a distorted view of who I am, almost once a week it feels there were times I had to protect myself from bizarre viewpoints of who I am, all designed to score enough in a Google ranking in searches for my name.

For example, this individual impersonated a user on RationalWiki to attack me while claiming he is under 18 years old, implying that I stalk children, or stalking Wikipedia editors, or that I am a sex maniac, or paranoid drug user.

These tactics this individual performs over and over in many forums, eventually influencing a slanderous biography which uses Google search returns to plant suspicions about me where there should be none.

These activities, easily discovered online, have raised red flags for me in personal or professional settings, a detail that Oliver continued to exploit with each new attack.

Not stopping there, this individual attempts to build a consensus with other forums around the activities of his targets, thus increasing the online exposure and spreading of these malicious narratives.

You can see many of these attacks with this bizarre psychological strategy played out here, here, here, here,  herehere, and here. The most recent one are here and here.

It was not until 2016 that I learned who this person actually is.

2016: His name is Oliver Smith

Sometime last year, the individual I only know as ‘Globin Face, Atlantid, or Dan Skeptic’ finds me on a Wikipedia discussion forum (Wikipedia sucks) discussing the issues regarding Wikipedia Harassment. Unfortunately, this site is no longer on the internet, however, at this time, this individual behaviors and activities on this forum got more attention, especially from Michael Suarez, an syspop at Encyclopedia Dramatica, who also was visiting this same forum.

From there, Michael Suarez in response to this individual, deleted a number of articles this individual wrote on Encyclopedia Dramatica, including the article he wrote on me.

Sometime later, Suarez tracks down more and more evidence of this individual ‘Atlantid’ and finally links him to the person we know now as Oliver Smith (and later Darryl).

Again, all the evidence linking Oliver, or his brother – to all of this activity are Oliver’s own words, his own confessions, his own behaviors, his own admissions, and most importantly – his IP address.

Predictable inside of Oliver’s pattern, he found a new enemy in Michael Suarez, and began to target Michael in many of his online campaigns.

Enter KiwiFarms

The Kiwi Farms is a site that talks about “lolcows”, or people who do silly, strange, or horrifying things that they share via social media and other forums and are called by this term because they usually react badly to criticism of their activities, hence they can be “milked” for “lols”, or laughs. Like 4chan, KiwiFarms have their own brand of in house offensive humor.

One of their in house jokes is labeling people ‘pedophile’ online that they are making fun of.  Oliver is one case where this has come back to haunt them for such a public shaming and humiliation.

However, Oliver is not innocent in this at all. Oliver is fully aware of what kind of community KiwiFarms is. He just wasn’t expecting for them to do to him what he wanted them to do to me.

I know this because all of this started when Oliver created a topic on KiwiFarms against me, this time evolving the slander against me as a ‘Wikipedia Troll’ and then calling me a ‘creepy stalker’.

‘Rome Viharo Wikipedia Troll and Creepy Internet Stalker‘  was published by Oliver Smith on Kiwifarms last year in 2016 was the page, but has since been taken down. Consistent with my strategy for three years dealing with this study, I created a throwaway account on Kiwifarms at the time to confront Oliver and point the community there back to this website – so they could make a choice themselves if they wanted to be manipulated into one of Oliver’s strategies.

This backfires on Oliver, and now KiwiFarms puts their attention on him, realizing (finally) the obvious – that Oliver goes around the web targeting individuals he is obsessed on, and accuses them specifically and exactly of the same acts he is doing to them and attempts to create a personal army using these psychologically disturbing tactics.

From all of these activities, it is clear from the evidence that;

  1. This individual performs clever yet highly deceptive and sophisticated strategies online that instigate and persuade individuals and forums to both ‘war’ with one another while building ‘personal armies’ against anyone whom he targets.
  2. This individual consciously and with malice weaponizes things like Google search, wikis, and discussion forums to attack individuals he targets.
  3. This individual, when frustrated in his attempts to 1 and 2 – will take more and more extreme steps to influence the outcome he desires and is willing to cross the legal thresh hold.

Even blackmail, as he used against me in 2015 when he sent me his first threat for me to remove posts on WWHHP or face slander and impersonation across ‘500 sites on the internet’.


As word spread online about Oliver through the exposure of a very long discussion thread on Kiwi Farms that focused on him, Oliver decides to fight back now against KiwiFarms, and begins to shift tactics.

Now Oliver adds Kiwi Farms to a long list of his perceived, real, or imagined online enemies, of which he views me as one.

Predictably, KiwiFarms labeled Oliver as a ‘pedophile’, which now enrages him further to this day, as it would anyone.

While it is difficult for me to understand much of what motivates Oliver, in this regard his assault on KiwiFarms is understandable.

KiwiFarms is a community that gets their ‘lulz’ by shaming and embarrassing people. If you get shamed there, the community believes you deserve it in some way. I do not support, endorse, visit, participate, or like these type of platforms either.

Having called Oliver and other ‘lolcows’ on their site ‘pedophiles’, what is happening in response to that is a real world result for using the web for creating a pillory of shame for people online, a signature of a ‘wiki war’.

What is important about Oliver’s issue with KiwiFarms is Oliver’s response.

Oliver simply adopts the strategy his latest target has used against him and fumbles a new strategy that somewhat mirrors what is being said about him.

Now, with all of Oliver’s targets listed in one location on Candice Potter – he adopts the strategy of having his targets labeled as ‘pedophile’ because this was a strategy that worked against him.

Oliver plus others?

Oliver also has instigated his continued campaign against me on a few forums, and lately appears to team up with a new individual who claims to be someone else other than Oliver.  

I will not publish this name, or list of names, yet.

I do not know who this person is, or if this person is just Oliver pretending or being crazy. Oliver has been shown to create many impersonations, so it is hard to say who is Oliver and who is someone claiming not to be.

Additionally, there continues to be individuals, Oliver or otherwise, that are creating accounts claiming to be this website, on these forums and elsewhere.

While it is difficult to tease apart these new ‘twists’ in Oliver’s continued three year long campaign – it is easy to see they are just evolving continuations of Oliver attempting and devising a new strategy for the same result he desired previously, but failed.

In relationship to Oliver’s responsibility – it matters little if Oliver is merely a gentle accomplice or fully responsible. This entire campaign is the results of decisions and choices Oliver took to slander, target, and weaponize Google search to attack people like me on the internet.

If others are working alongside Oliver, it matters very little to me.

I hold Oliver responsible for all of it, and that evidence is all I need.

Enter Candice Lynn

Oliver has been on a crusade against Kiwi Farms ever since his failure to achieve his ends there in his attack on me.

Also, KiwiFarms apparently has a number of online critics and enemies, I would imagine because the label people ‘pedophiles’ as part of their own unique in house humor.

Apparently, these critics and enemies of KiwiFarms have teamed up online with Oliver Smith.

Consistent with Oliver’s three years of behaviors, he has found a new personal army.

Cui  Bono?

For some reason, all of Oliver’s targets are now apart of a blackmail threat against Kiwifarms, Oliver’s latest target.

The only thing that connects all of us is Oliver Smith, an individual known clearly to create personal armies and enrolling forums to crusade against individuals he targets by spreading what appear to be insane level accusations against these people.

I really do not care about any of those issues or individuals, and I am not associated in any way with any of them or their forums. While I believe sites like KiwiFarms are harmful to the web and bring out the worst in communities, I know very little about their activities and would not even know about this website if it were not for Oliver.

Oliver’s entanglement with Candice Lynn

My personal page on Candice Potter is edited by an account named as ‘Gazi Kozu Associate’.

Oliver has claimed in emails he is not behind this, yet Oliver’s own internet history betrays him.

Again, Oliver operates in repeatable patterns which slowly evolve based on how others interact with him.

An account by this name is only found on one other forum, Religious Forums – where Oliver originally targeted me two years back.

Additionally, recent posts  on Religious Forums are almost standard Oliver attack posts, attempting to build personal armies against his enemies, attacking KiwiFarms founder.

Oliver has already admitted to participating with people on Candice Lynn

Recently, in one email chain forwarded to me (see below), Oliver claims he has nothing to do with Candice Potter website.

Yet in another email thread he states, to assert his innocence, that;

Also note the only request I did [on]  is the single article NOT calling someone a pedophile. “

This article Oliver is referencing in his email is found on CandiceLynnPotter dot com, and looking at the editing history, it was created by an account named ‘Gazi Kozu Associate‘, the same user that created an article on me, and several other Oliver targets.

Candice Lynn is a black mail website – and carrying the narratives Oliver initiated on Kiwifarms, RationalWiki, and ED, this site claims I am a cyber bully and child rapist along with others.

We are told that if we do not immediately go after the removal of Kiwi Farms and Josh Moon that these pages will continued to be published about us on this website.

Although Oliver claims not to be behind this website – most of the evidence shows that this, just like every other deceptive claim he has made in the past three years, is a calculated but ultimately failing deception.

Candice Lynn is consistent with three years of technical, contextual, and behavioral evidence surrounding Oliver Smith and his brother.

Candice Lynn Potter is doing nothing more than continuing the narrative Oliver himself began on KiwiFarms about me.

It is consistent with Oliver’s pattern, with each new attempt being more extreme than the previous failed attempt he applied attempting to produce an outcome he found desirable.


Oliver Smith is directly, or at best indirectly responsible for this harassment, slander, and libel against me on

He is the only individual that I have credible, reliable, and provable evidence on.

His actions are harmful to others, and are criminal.

Oliver attempts to build consensus online against his enemies that function like his own ‘personal army’ to launch on his targets.

Oliver has found another personal army with the publication of Candice Lynn

The publication of Candice Lynn Potter dot com is a criminal act.

It won’t be the rocket science the publishers assume it will be getting legal authorities involved.

Those collaborating with Oliver should reconsider their choices.

In Oliver’s own words.

Oliver, in various forums and in countless emails- have denied many of these claims stated here.

However, most of the evidence against Oliver are in his own words.

Working against Oliver the most is the extreme deception he practices. If given enough rope, Oliver eventually winds up confessing or contradicting his deceptions. He somehow forgets that he admits to things on one forum or in one email while denying them in another.

Additionally, what links all of this back to Oliver is his Wikipedia activity, with Wikipedia’s own check user tool identifying these editing accounts as all sharing one IP address.

What further links all of these editing accounts, IP address back to Oliver and his brother are consistent articles of interest, and consistent behavioral patterns of impersonation, obsession, and inclinations to build consensus around Oliver’s targets based on his warped view of the world and people.

A few weeks back, Oliver emailed me. True to form, his email made the standard claims, that somehow he is a victim of harassment and it is I that is stalking and libeling him. This is also apart of Oliver’s pattern. What ever the last charge made against him by one of his targets, Oliver adopts that charge and attempts to use it against them.

Predictably, Oliver claimed innocence in his email to me while simultaneously threatening to create a new website about me and listing what he claims is my home address. Again, he did this in writing, unaware obviously of how his own words are evidence against his claims of innocence.

I strongly advise anyone communicating with or working alongside Oliver or his brother to be very weary of his deceptive tactics, he is unable to maintain an integrity with either reality or the truth for very long, and if you keep consistent with him in a discussion, his deceptions become easily apparent.

Addendum: What does this have to do with Wikipedia?

This website details activities taken on Wikipedia by groups of editors who practice editor suppression. Oliver Smith is an extreme example – although I have detailed what I believe to be very toxic behaviors on Wikipedia and highly critical of Wikipedia editor suppression, what Oliver does should not be considered as ‘standard’ for Wikipedia bad behavior. He is an abomination even to the worst of them.

However, Oliver’s activities on Wikipedia provide factual evidence for my case of editor suppression on Wikipedia.

In both of the wiki wars detailed in this case study, I show how various tactics of editors suppression were used or attempted, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, on Wikipedia.

One of the most common tactics for editor suppression on Wikipedia is framing an editor as a sock puppet or a troll to get them sanctioned.

My case study show how this juvenile tactic is abused on Wikipedia as many editors attempted to make this claim about me so as to censor my participation. It then shows how this narrative was expanded into a campaign to destroy my reputation, taking their tactics very seriously.

Oliver is interesting because he operated a very large sock puppet army on Wikipedia. A true sock puppet. The real deal.

My case study shows and highlights how one particular editor, Manul – went at often painful attempts to frame me as a disruptive force on Wikipedia while someone like Oliver was operating fifty accounts alongside Manul’s activities, defending and supporting Manul.

I use this example to show and discredit claims of these skeptic activists editors and bloggers make online regarding their Wikipedia activity.

Why was someone as disturbed as Oliver Smith allowed to edit on Wikipedia under so many accounts for so long? Why are so many Wikipedia editors or subjects being suppressed on Wikipedia with false claims of ‘socking’ and ‘trolling’ while true culprits can expand their activities with no scrutiny?

Why do platforms like RationalWiki, which claim to educate their readers in science, progressive causes, quacks and frauds allow someone like Oliver to publish attack articles and operate an equally massive sock army there?

Does the web need individuals like Oliver actually influencing education on major platforms like these? Or influencing search results?

I highlight these issues on Wikipedia to assist in the exposure of some extreme flaws in Wikimedia software and the vulnerability of the broader web to deal with genuine issues like online misinformation, digital wildfires, fake news, and online harassment. If we can identify the pattern and steps extreme individuals like Oliver take to manipulate the web, we can more easily develop solutions around them.

The web is now weaponized. I hope to provide solutions and tools to help others deal with the confusion and I hope publishing this website has helped others like it has helped me.

Rome Viharo

Los Angeles, 2017


Wednesday, March 21st, 2017 9:56am PST

Since yesterday’s posts and activities, it appears much of the criminal libel used to blackmail me on CLP has been removed. And replaced. What it was replaced with is highly questionable. A new flag being waved in a labyrinth of deception, misdirection, and misinformation. Everyone should be skeptical.

Additionally – not all of the criminal libel has been removed. Thanks to certain flaws in WikiMedia software, certain things simply cannot be undone.

Tuesday, March 21th, 2017 9:56am PST

In what is probably the most conclusive evidence to date of both Oliver’s involvement with the CLP website and his mental disturbance – I received an email this morning from a ‘kiwihunter’.

This email from kiwihunter was a forward of a previous email that Oliver Smith sent out, with the title of ‘Sam Smith Call to Arms’. Sam Smith I assume refers to Samuel Collingswood Smith, but it is likely this is just another of Oliver’s deceptions. This email was also sent to the huffington post, and even wiki leaks. It just contained links to candice lynn and wordpress blogs that Oliver likely created.

It gets stranger from here.

Oliver Smith then replies to this email, with a list of the same claims about Joshua Moon and his family being child rapists, but linked from Egypt search. Remember, one of Oliver’s ‘peculiar’ interests is ancient Egypt and Atlantis.

Then it gets even more strange.

Oliver then sends another replying to himself, saying ‘lol – who is sending these emails?’.


Monday, March 20th, 2017 7:51am PST

I’ve received more denials from Oliver, which are published below. Oliver’s denials are meaningless to me, since for three years I have recorded various levels of deceptive practices from him. Additionally, should this denial from Oliver be legitimate, it is still worthless as he has been the individual harassing me for three years,  was the individual who used KiwiFarms to harass me, and no one would even know about me in any of these communities were it not for Oliver.

As mentioned already, Oliver Smith is either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY responsible. There is no innocence for Oliver under any set of circumstances.

Working against Oliver’s denials is further technical evidence linking Oliver’s site visits yesterday evening which identify his location and computer, I’ve seen more activity visit this site from CLP, with a visit showing up from Denmark.

However, this visit was accessing a tor server, which server logs also recorded, and is still using the same operating system and computer type as Oliver’s visits from Watford. Now the evidence shows this visitor attempting to mask their IP.

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 7:55pm PST

UPDATE: Technical evidence linking Oliver Smith

Visiting the CLP site, it appears a number of threads have been posted around me and this article, which was posted on the CLP site sometime last evening PST time.

However, server records show that visits that came to this website, and indeed all significant visits to this page have all come from the Watford area in England, precisely where Oliver’s visits show up.

No other visits to this page coming from Candice Lynn Potter have come from anywhere other than where Oliver lives, and all visits from England are all coming from one operating system, Windows, and one browser, Internet Explorer – and one wifi network, WatfordWifi

So if the CLP site is comprised of some ‘band of brothers’ against KiwiFarms who are also targeting me, the only ones visiting this site are Oliver or any accomplices he has in his hometown who all happen to use the same computer he is.

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 10:45am PST

Oliver is responding to each update, predictable within his continued pattern of projecting his activities and guilt and mirroring the latest credible charges made against him.

Again, Oliver fails to recall that his own words, his own claims, betray him. He already admitted to instigating one article on Candice Potter which was created by Gazi Kodzo Associate.

He fails to remember that in sending out these massive email chains, he already stated in those emails that I have all archived, that the only way to remove Candice Potter is to remove KiwiFarms.

He also fails to remember that his own online history of editing topics that are dear to him, such as Atlantis, Eygypt, and the like are also contextually linked to the actions against KiwiFarms and all of Oliver’s targets.

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 9:00 am PST

Predictably, Oliver has responded to this post in an early morning email received. I am publishing this email below. Note the continued pattern, Oliver claims that it is I who is a cyber bully, a criminal with a disturbed mind who has been banned around the internet, using the article he has created on me on RationalWiki as established evidence for his claim, and referencing ‘sock accounts’ I have on KiwiFarms. Note, these accounts were likely created by Oliver directly, consistent with Oliver’s pattern of creating false flags against his targets.

Oliver’s “a telling fact” paragraph is interesting. He’s criticizing me for not not criticizing Kiwi Farms. “Gazi Kodzo assoicate” wrote the same thing about me candice lynn potter DOT com article (see the “career” section he added):

That’s more evidence of Oliver being “Gazi Kodzo assoicate”.
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