Flag waving. Watch out for it.

Marilyn Monroe, Brigette Bardot, and me.

A primer into flag waving.


Last year, a very funny trending front page discussion peaked on Reddit.

This  discussion was called “If you could have a threesome with any two people in the world, with the stipulation that their names had to rhyme, who would you choose?

A harmless, fun, typical Reddit discussion.

There were some really funny answers too.

Top upvoted answer was “Natalie Dormer and a clone of the former”.

Some other notable mentions were “Danny DeVito and a burrito” and “Scarlett Johansson and that chick from Hanson.”

Oliver Smith, a disgruntled Wikipedia editor, featured extensively on this website for his nasty online tactics, found this discussion last year on Reddit.

And he found an answer to this question by a Reddit account he claims is me.

This account, another one of my ‘sock puppets’ I’m sure will be claimed, answered the challenge on Reddit with “Marilyn Monroe and Bridgette Bardot”

This answer on Reddit is what Oliver Smith sources to make his claim (while removing the second half of the question) as evidence that “Rome Viharo is a perverted sex maniac who has orgies” on WordPress blogs and discussion forums around the web.

Nice right? Flag waving. Happens all the time in wiki wars, and this example gives you a good idea how they work.

Flag waving robs a snapshot of attention from someone in a misleading way.

It is a way to misdirect or mislead the casual observer, stumbling upon a search term, link, image, or article online.

If you look behind the flag waving, you’re not likely to find what you would expect.

Clickbait, fake news, all use “flag waving” as a manner to capture and steal your attention.

I’ve become more intimately acquainted with this technique primarily because a master flag waver has been stalking me online for about three years, allowing me to study this technique and affect first hand.

Oliver Smith flag waving primer.

Oliver Smith featured extensively in this study, is also an accomplice in the ‘Candice Lynn Porter.com’ blackmail and harassment website which relies heavily on flag-waving deception.

This blackmail website (CLP) is a hodgepodge of primitive media strategies designed to threaten criminal defamation. They threaten that I must take down content on this website and if not they will label me an online pedophile and child rapist.

Their campaign is designed by its creators not to just embarrass someone but hopefully destroy their lives. Thankfully, their “media strategy” behind this escapade was woefully amateurish for a blackmail scheme, and the “flag waving” used was brilliant to highlight for this study.

Oliver Smith is a master flag waver. Oliver’s Smith trails are easily exposed within one or two layers, his deceptions glaringly obvious, but that’s now how flag-waving works for it to be effective.

Flag waving is just designed to get a snapshot of your attention, even if what follows it is absolutely make-believe.

It’s too much work to peak into the flag waving. That is how it works. We’re lazy.

Flag waving. You won’t get what you would expect to find.

Oliver spent months on RationalWiki, Reddit, and elsewhere flag waving, attempting to get this ‘sex maniac’ narrative about me to stick.

Now, he evolves the narrative, while trying to remove his own attribution – to extend to what are criminally libelous claims that I, along with all of his targets, are pedophiles and child rapists.

Just like you won’t find that I’ve been involved in an online sex scandal with Marilyn Monroe or Brigette Bardot, there isn’t even any smoke behind Oliver’s digital wildfires.

This is how Oliver operates a clever flag waving strategy.

These narratives about his targets sound crazy because they are crazy, authored by a very troubled mind.

Don’t fall for it.





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