What will Wikipedia and RationalWiki editor DanSkeptic/Goblin Face/Atlantid do next?

I’ve exposed plenty of the extreme steps that Wikipedia editor Manul took to abuse Wikipedia guidelines to control editing permissions, but the real poster boy for harassment on Wikipedia, We Have a Problem is someone I only refer to as ‘Goblin Face.’

I don’t know who ‘Goblin Face’ is. I do know that evidence indeed shows this individual has created quite an army of accounts on Wikipedia, Rational Wiki, Encyclopedia Dramatica. I do know this individual has confessed to schizophrenia and has been quite active in many fringe areas of the internet, including sites such as Metapedia which deal with topics that relate to White Nationalism.

I know him as Goblin Face, but others may know him under his many online impersonations as Atlantid, MikeMev, BookGremlin, Mal Yankton, Krom, David1234, or any of his fifty known Wikipedia skeptic sock puppets, with his most recent and active Wikipedia editing account likely to be found here, based on identical article editing and writing style.

How many Rational Wiki editor accounts he has is unknown, but likely extensive. This individual is suffering from delusion, and has set up so many accounts claiming to be me or any editors that at this stage this individual should receive legally binding order to stay off the internet.

It took me awhile to sort all of this out, as I had no idea who was doing this to me on the internet, and assumed many of the accounts doing this were often different people when likely they were just this one single user. Last year when I discovered this individual was (finally) busted on Wikipedia for their massive sock puppet army of fake skeptic editor accounts, I received a threatening email, advising I remove all posts about him or he would continue with the harassment by impersonating me.

“You’re already listed as a pseudoscience promoter on your Rational Wiki article, I  can easily add creationist to your page.”

This individual then created an account as Rome Viharo on Religious Forums and initiated a discussion on evolution, while posing as me arguing for ‘creationism’.  I reached out the that forums admin to have them remove his account, which they did. He then went on Rational Wiki and tried to use this as a source to say say I’m a creationist on Rational Wiki, a continuation of the same strategy I encountered on Wikipedia with editors Manul, Roxy the Dog, and Lucky Louie.

Rational Wiki, desperate for any information they can find to twist the narrative of me into a crackpot didn’t even fall for this one, although they continue to enable his massive sock puppet farm on Rational Wiki while many of his accounts have edited my article anyway. To this day Rational Wiki’s article on me at the bottom declares that I am harassing Wikipedia editors with the publication of Wikipedia We Have a Problem, an edit that Goblin Face made and was accepted by the community, even though no links support that statement or consensus. Ironically they use a statement Tim Farley made about me on the internet as a reference for labeling me as an ‘internet troll’, a claim Goblin Face continually makes around the web.

Every time Wikipedia, We Have a Problem creates a new post, ‘Goblin Face’ goes on the internet, finds a dark forum somewhere they feel confident they can rile up a mob and enroll them in his paranoid delusions, and continues the damage control narrative Tim Farley and Manul promote to hide their Wikipedia abuses.

The narrative that I am a famous internet troll sock puppet master mind promoter of pseudoscience is being written by him on the internet using multiple accounts on multiple forums to make it appear like  many saying these things about me when in reality, it’s just him, Wikipedia editor Manul and Tim Farley who spun this story on Wikipedia and elsewhere to control editing permissions on Wikipedia.

I first encountered this individual while editing on Rupert Sheldrake’s Wikipedia article. At the time, this individual created a new Wikipedia account as ‘Dan Skeptic‘ and used this account to continue the claim that I was a famous internet troll, a promoter of pseudoscience. After I was banned on Wikipedia, this individual was also ‘David1234’ who created the Rational Wiki article on me,  used statements made about me by him and Manul on  Wikipedia as sources for Rational Wiki’s article on me claiming I am a well known internet troll.

As Wikipedia, We Have a Problem started to go viral, sub Reddits such as /r/WikiInAction, had popular posts from this site featured there. Additionally, this individual went around Reddit and again continued this bizarre myth of me being some famous internet troll, promoter of pseudoscience and sock puppet mastermind, now using Rational Wiki article on me as the reference. I created a new Reddit account so I could address this individual on Reddit without revealing my main Reddit account – and this individual then went on a campaign that I was sock puppeting Reddit, using the Rational Wiki article he created as the source (which just used the claims he made about me on Wikipedia as their source!) and the new account I created to protect my privacy as evidence. This individual then exposed my anonymity on Reddit, just like they did on Wikipedia, and misframed normal behaviors as more evidence to support this paranoid delusion that I am a famous internet troll.

Additionally, this very same user last year created an article on me at Encyclopedia Dramatica, expanding the libelous narrative about me and taking it a few extreme steps further, writing that I am an ‘internet predator’ and Wikipedia We Have a Problem is an harassment website designed to intimidate Wikipedia editors. To be fair, ironically Encyclopedia Dramatica editors were the only editors who actually saw through this charade, a bit counter intuitive that Rational Wiki and Wikipedia editors would let him fly for so long.

His most recent campaign followed my last post on a website called ‘Lolcows‘, which has, like Rational Wiki and Encyclopedia Dramatica, a juvenile audience who prefer to spend their time embarrassing or shaming people they meet online while they get to keep their privacy. Of course he does the same thing, lists all the accusations he has made about me under different accounts on different forums as his ‘proof’ for the  new community to gawk over.

Since this individual performs this sort of ‘dark operation’ each time WWHP publishes a new document, its safe to predict he will being doing this again very shortly.

I can’t change this very sordid and dark harassment campaign that has been waged against me. I can’t take down the Rational Wiki article, the Encyclopedia Dramatica article, or ‘unban’ myself from Wikipedia. The only thing I can do is to continue to broadcast these behaviors online so they become easier for others to spot, notice, and hopefully speak out against.

This individual is extreme. The only thing that can help him is some form of medicine, therapy, or moving on to a new delusional paranoid fantasy about someone else.

So Goblin Face, please if you have medicine to take, take it. I am sorry you are hurt. I never did anything to hurt you and wish you no harm. You still have your anonymity, no one knows who you are. You can get back on your meds and stop all of this. But until you do, I am going to continue to use each instance of harassment and libel you make on the internet in this case study and eventually, legally this will catch up to you and the communities that harbor and support you.

What ever you do next will help me do that far more than it will help you or your community damage control how they abuse wikis for harassment. I’ll make sure to continually update this article and this site with your next steps at harassing, intimidating, slandering  me with as much perfect detail as time allows.

So what’s next Goblin Face?


 UPDATE: Apparently this. A site created called Wikipedia We Don’t Have A Problem,  where he extends the harassment made against me and offers a somewhat dubious rebuttal to claims made by this publication. This site is now archived as evidence.

and this, where Goblin Face claims I am ‘debunking evolution’  http://www.topix.com/forum/news/evolution/T2M49SHME30DP2564#lastPost  and this on Reddit. Here Goblin face claims I am ‘impersonating a female’  https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/4ndso1/rome_viharo_impersonated_a_female/


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