WP Editor Manul tries to bully WP Admin Liz on Wikipedia, continues with ‘Tumbleman’ paranoia

I have to apologize to Liz – one of my favorite Wikipedia editors and now Administrator (congrats Liz).

Many on Wikipedia agree she is a  fresh breath of air in a community that needs it. Liz was there during my harassment as ‘Tumbleman’ on Wikipedia while editing Sheldrake’s talk page. While I, along with others, were being accused of anything and everything to bully us away from editing – Liz was there to help and point out that there were plenty of other cases of clear ‘socking’ happening than the case they were trying to make against me. The other examples of course were apart of the ‘Goblin Face Skeptic Sockpuppet Army’ which Manul rode along with for two years while harassing everyone else about sock puppeting Wikipedia.

I apologize to Liz because after I was blocked indef from Wikipedia, harassed and slandered by Manul, I made a case of it and circumvented my ban on Wikipedia by simply creating another account and continue with responsible editing and consensus building. I knowingly circumvented my ban to make a point, and in doing this – I gave Manul and other Wikipedia editors a ‘real’ case they could use against me.

Last year in July, 18 months after Manul instigated their campaign against me, they now accuse Liz of harassing them for defending me.

Manul states that ‘Liz is one of their harassers’ and tried to use her intervention in Manul’s case against me as Tumbleman against her in a confirmation hearing on Wikipedia. Naturally, it backfired on Manul, as Liz has too much respect and support on Wikipedia.


Dear Liz, I am sorry any support you gave me caused you stress during your admin hearing from Manul. I know breaking my ban on Wikipedia is not something you could however support certainly not as an admin and I understand that because of that, I’ve probably lost yours. Regardless, please keep up the great work on Wikipedia and you will always have mine.

What Manul fails to see is that my behavior of ban circumvention is in direct response to being harassed by Manul. Additionally, in all of my Wikipedia editing accounts I created to circumvent my ban you will not see any of them doing any disruptive editing.

While Manul is obsessed with finding ‘Tumbleman socks’ everywhere, let’s clarify a few things. No matter what anyone thinks of ‘socking’ or circumventing a ban – none of that justifies Manul  outing my personal identity and making slanderous statements about me such as ‘having a anti social personality disorder’ and a ‘seasoned pro conducting an online experiment’ and a ‘famous internet troll’.  Manul thinks it justifies that. I think the law may disagree. These very slanderous statements Manul used to rile up a bunch of other editors on Wikipedia. One of those editors on Wikipedia is ‘Goblin Face‘, who edited on the Sheldrake article as ‘Dan Skeptic’. Dan Skeptic was one of over 50 sock puppet accounts used by a ‘skeptic army’ on Wikipedia which has now been busted and linked to the Smith brothers, Oliver and Daryll.

The Smith brothers picked up where Manul left off with their original slanderous comments and began a campaign of harassment and slander which they took to Rational Wiki, Reddit, and Encyclopedia Dramatica, Wikia, and a host of other forums.

Over two years have passed, and Goblin Face appears to continue to defend Manul against these charges around the internet. Wherever WWHP goes, there goes Goblin Face protecting Manul.

Interesting that Manul, who is so obsessed over finding ‘socks’ on Wikipedia and has harassed  many editors away from Wikipedia for that claim, failed in two years to notice the biggest sock-puppet army on Wikipedia operating right along with them.

As late as July of 2015, Manul felt it important to create a new list of ‘Tumbleman’ sockpuppets on a page on Wikipedia which includes of course Manul’s version of my activities.  

Note the difference between what Wikipedia says and what Manul  says about my Wikipedia accounts.

I noticed that in Feb of 2015 on ‘Current Science Journal’ a discussion about cold fusion and Wikipedia occurred, regarding of course the coverage and dealing with some of the hostile editors. One of the posters in the forum Geret noticed another poster, Nicholas Chandler Yates, was editing an article on cold fusion and  warned them about Manul who engaged Nicholas on the Wikipedia. Apparently, Manul’s strategy of harassing users they don’t like is getting around.

Geret writes:

I see that user “Manul” is warning you about making personal attacks towards him. That is a first step into getting you topic banned from editing “cold fusion” articles. They will also find “proof” of a “battlefield mentality”, “pov pushing”, “wasting everybody’s time in endless discussions”, “being pointy” or whatever they can find. In future he will use this “proof” in a Arbcom case against you to ban you from editing “cold fusion” articles. The case will be supported by user “Ten of all trades” or any other user on the “holy protectors of only one wikipedia truth” tag team.

Manul was last seen on Wikipedia in August of 2015. I really hope they have left for good, as this was a very deceptive editor. One of Manul’s last comments on Wikipedia was to Mastcell. Manul expressed concern that a ‘Wikipedia Administrator’ practices or believes in ‘homeopathy’ and was inquiring with MastCell about what to do with that problem. If we change the word ‘homeopathy’ to Islam, Democrat, Christianity, homosexuality, or atheism no one would stand for that sort of thinking in a collaborative place that claims ‘anyone can edit’.

Manul doesn’t find anything wrong with that type of thinking, or that type of harassment. Hopefully – the Wikipedia community finally caught on to Manul’s great (self) deception and Manul has left Wikipedia for good. Chances are, however – that Manul will simply create a new account on Wikipedia, like anyone can do.

Even me 🙂

Update: Manul has indeed returned to Wikipedia since this post, now trying to sanction TheCapn, who worked on both Sheldrake and Chopra articles – from editing on Wikipedia.

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