Skeptic Sockpuppet army gets busted on Wikipedia.

It’s been a few months since I’ve engaged this issue as another project has taken my full attention. While I’ve been inactive – the bizarro world of skeptic editors and their tirade against Wikipedia We Have a Problem continues in all of it’s irony and dark twisted turns.

One of the more interesting things to come to light in my absence is that some in the Wikipedia community have finally caught up with some of  editors who targeted me while editing Rupert Sheldrake’s biographical article on Wikipedia.

While I was engaged in consensus building on Wikipedia, one editor specifically named ‘Dan Skeptic’ had a fresh account and his first few actions on Wikipedia were harassing me on my talk page, listing my private identity (which he obtained from Wikipedia editor Manul), and was a significant part of the ‘skeptic gang bang’ harassment against me since I won majority consensus on the article.

Yet not one Wikipedia admin could acknowledge the very clear violations that were happening to a few editors as well as myself. While there was every bizarre and unfounded accusation made against me then (sockpuppeting, trolling, etc) one of the biggest sock farms was operating under their noses.

‘Dan Skeptic’ ‘retired’ his Wikipedia editing account and deferred that account over to another Wikipedia editing account called ‘Goblin Face’. See here.

Goblin Face was exposed this year on Wikipedia for having a sockpuppet army of over fifty Wikipedia editing accounts.

All of these accounts had been run through Wikipedia’s ‘check user’ tool and found to be technically indistinguishable.

Unlike the accounts that I was accused of socking with while editing Sheldrake’s article, which were cleared by check user tools and check user tools supported the narrative I supplied to Wikipedia admins, Goblin Face’s sceptic sock puppet army was a real one.

How was this able to go on for so long on Wikipedia amongst the skeptic editors while anyone who edited articles against their narratives were banned for all sorts of charges, often without evidence?

I hope this information will encourage some honest self reflection amongst those engaged in sceptic activism and or bullying on Wikipedia. Dan Skeptic is just one instance of harassment that I encountered while editing Sheldrake’s article.

There is something to be said when a number of editors, myself included, were harassed, had our reputations attacked while the most blatant and over the top violations made by editors in the ‘skeptic community’ on Wikipedia were able to somehow fly under the radar while working alongside other editors and admins in getting other users blocked or banned.

Even Wikipedia editor ‘barneythebarneybarney‘, who was Wikipedia skeptic editor #2 in the gang I encountered on Wikipedia,  was finally kicked off of Wikipedia for an indefinite amount of time for harassing other users in 2014.

Yet even though Barney had multiple blocks and warnings, a few weeks after his indefinite block, Wikipedia admin Floquenbeam, one of the admins who supported the harassing behaviors against me – simply removed Barney’s indef block because, he says ‘the whole thing probably just spiraled out of control’.

Please – Wikipedia admins, community, Wikimedia, etc etc…let’s have some honest self reflection.

It’s been over two years since what happened to me – and I am still dealing with the consequences that Wikipedia editor Manul initiated.


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