RationalWiki trolls have stolen my narrative, and I want it back. (November 2015)

RationalWiki is a troll farm. Plain and simple.

These editors writing my biography article are the same editors I encountered on Wikipedia – and they are also the same editors who doxxed and harassed me away from editing a Wikipedia article (the biography page of Rupert Sheldrake) back in 2013.

In 2014, I worked on another controversial Wikipedia article, the biography of Deepak Chopra, as his fully disclosed representative to WikiMedia and Wikipedia – where I was successful in building a strong consensus with the Wikipedia community, including admins and senior Wikipedia editor Slim Virgin.

As I confronted the “skeptics” on Wikipedia for their behaviors, bringing exposure to them within the Wikipedia community, I was also successful in building a consensus with other editors on Wikipedia. Reacting to this success, this group of “skeptics” took the matter so seriously that they began an internal campaign within the Wikipedia community of editors and admins to damage my reputation so as to sanction me away from editing.

By “skeptics” of course I really just mean a bunch of quasi-juveniles with questionable personality disorders rather than any ideological movement per se, so please don’t let the ideologies of RationalWiki, or skepticism, fool you. A troll farm is a troll farm. 

Since this event, the “skeptics” involved in these events have targeted me and upped the ante on the harassment, with RationalWiki being the dedicated platform that those targeting me wish to weaponize against me in this “wiki war.”

Therefore – it is important to clarify.

My issue with Wikipedia/RationalWiki is non-ideological, and 100% behaviorial.

So vindictive was this community that within days of getting me sanctioned off of Wikipedia, a campaign based on the narrative that “Rome Viharo was a disruptive troll, a true pro in bed with PR companies”,  they wrote a “biography” page about me back on RationalWiki, an attack article that to me was more familiar as something from political campaigns and dirty politics.

Rome, you ‘damaged’ your own reputation by supporting pseudoscience (Rupert Sheldrake and Deepak Chopra), getting banned from Wikipedia, and attacking skeptics on the internet.

If you did not want to be accused as a pseudoscience promoter, perhaps you should not have worked as a paid editor for Deepak Chopra.

Nobody has harassed you. It is not illegal to create a Rationalwiki article on somebody with sources. You have no case. Move on with your life.                    ASkepticGuy – /r/RationalWiki

While editing Wikipedia biographies anonymously would appear to most people to be non-controversial, within a small toxic group of editors, this was serious enough of an offense that they believed they had the right to “target me” and expose me as a “promoter of pseudoscience”.

I found myself in a Lord of the Flies reality, completely doxxed, and facing an intentional campaign to publish and distribute on the web misinformation that would discredit me and discredit anything I would claim about this activity occurring on Wikipedia.

RationalWiki’s “attack article” on yours truly was not a “criticism” of me or my work, it was a clear misrepresentation of who I am, and it was intentional.

A divine accident

What this group of “skeptics” did not realize was that my involvement with Wikipedia editing and consensus building had little to do with the subject matters I was editing and more to do with conducting my own R&D as a developer of a platform for online consensus building. On their part, this was a mistake that would come to haunt them.

That “mistake” made by this group of editors on Wikipedia in 2013, for me, became like a “divine accident”, what Orson Welles calls an act of unintentional chaos that brings brilliant creativity to a project that could never be thought of by the author. (I didn’t mean to slip in a plug of “They’ll love me when I’m Dead” but if you’re an Orson Fan check it out.)

While I certainly was not expecting to be targeted and harassed when I began, I certainly never in my wildest imagination expected that this group of toxic editors to give me such a complete case study as they have.

The Psychology, not ideology, of a troll farm.

Dark psychologies collaborate with each other. What makes them dark psychologies are the intentions behind their behaviors and choices they make online when they publish or engage with others on the web.

When certain dark psychologies are confronted with their own abuse, deception, or manipulation, and they are unable to self-reflect, the narratives they use to defend themselves take on a re-occurring pattern, online sometimes called the “narcissists prayer”

  • That didn’t happen.
  • And if it did, it wasn’t that bad. 
  • And if it was, that’s not a big deal. 
  • And if it is, that’s not my fault.
  • And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
  • And if I did…you deserved it.

So RationalWiki has stolen my narrative, for the sole, petty reason of protecting their status on Wikipedia and damage control an event that exposed a few individuals for gross violations –  and for five years, this RationalWiki article written about me is, taken in this light, almost a confession of their own actions as if on cue to the Narcissists Prayer, all stuffed into one big crowded sentence.

Rome Viharo is an infamous internet troll, conspiracy theorist and pseudoscience promoter… ]

“Rome Viharo deserved it”.

Claiming I’m an internet troll was used on Wikipedia to claim I deserved to be banned. It was not a reflection of either my communication or my behaviours on Wikipedia.

While on Wikipedia, I witnessed a masterful shell game, where these editors took viral projects and personal events in my life, (I was involved with viral marketing and online media from 2002 – 2008) and used them as “evidence” that I was trolling Wikipedia some eight years later.

When I published the events of this community doxxing me and then creating attack articles on RationalWiki, they referred to my claims as “conspiracy theories” as if claims that a bunch of juveniles are harassing other people on the internet is such an outlandish claim.

Their claim, by the way, that I am a “promoter of pseudoscience” refers to me editing two biographical articles on Wikipedia, for the purposes of this study. They are claiming that my entire work with online consensus building, Wikipedia We Have a Problem, is actually about promoting Rupert Sheldrake and Deepak Chopra, and that’s been my intention the whole time.

“What Rome Viharo is claiming didn’t happen”.

[Viharo, who owns the fake news website Wikipedia We Have A Problem that publishes misinformation about Wikipedia and RationalWiki ranging from false allegations (e.g. skeptics create articles on these wikis by receiving PayPal cash-payments,[1] or RationalWiki “is gas lighting, lying, & covering up cross platform harassment”[2]) and the Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia conspiracy theory; Viharo also spends a lot of his time spreading baseless rumours about RationalWiki sysops.[3]

While the paragraph appears to have citations that somehow “prove” this – those citations are just linking back to the RationalWiki article for the evidence.

I think in the online world we simply call that 😂😂😂.

Additionally, I make no “theories” about “skeptics” on Wikipedia (in reality I could care less about skeptic activism), I simply link directly to online comments, private messages, board postings, or emails this group has sent to me over the years.

“We’ll never stop!” says Wikipedia editor, claims they’re paid by a “prominent skeptic”

“It really wasn’t that bad!”

[…Viharo created his website WWHP in December 2013 as a response to his ban from both Wikipedia and RationalWiki; he claims a group of skeptics stalked, doxed and “harassed” him, for which there exists no evidence…]

At least this time they don’t bother to even make a citation, they are just hoping they will believe the reader will believe the statement.

This is nothing short of a bald face lie, and so easy to verify that the fact it stays in the article after a few years should tell you about the veracity of the RationalWiki community. The amount of evidence recorded for this harassment is not just extensive, massive, and recorded on third-party platforms, it’s also filed with the FBI.

“Rome Viharo deserved it!”

Prior to his antics on these wikis, Viharo trolled online message-boards and forums that also resulted in bans.[4]

Yet once again, linking to a viral media project I was apart of back in 2003-2005 as the best they could come up with, both on Wikipedia, and RationalWiki, to justify this “infamous troll” narrative they believe justifies their actions in 2013 – 2018.

His various usernames include Bubblefish,[5][6][7] PillyM,[5] WWHP,[6] Tumbleman,[5][8] 23canaries[9] (suspended[10] on Reddit) and hoofish.[11][12]

“See how much Rome Viharo deserves this!”

As if having online usernames, especially spread out over thirteen years, is evidence of them doing anything other than doxxing me.

Oh Reddit and Twitter, am disappoint.

The account “23Canaries”, which they claim is suspended, is actually suspended – but what they obviously don’t mention is they threatened to do this after they also doxxed my Reddit account, in good standing since 2009, since articles on Wikipedia, We Have a Problem are linked to or go popular on Reddit.

The primary editor writing about me on RationalWiki and elsewhere is the now almost famous internet troll Oliver D. Smith.

Smith is famous for creating large sock puppet farm armies on not just RationalWiki, but Wikipedia, and is prevented from editing or participating in almost every community he has ever joined for this very purpose, with the exception of RationalWiki, who welcome him.

Oliver D. Smith, MediaWiki poster boy.

Like we see with narcissism and dark triad personalities, including our own president, we also see another familiar pattern occur online, projection.

To this day, Viharo still obsessively creates sockpuppets on RationalWiki to whine about his article.


Projection, denial, gaslighting, deception – all of these “dark triad” qualities scale on the internet, and RationalWiki, just like any other platform, is vulnerable to these psychologies dominating online publishing and consensus building.

Rome Viharo, 2018

Historical Timeline, case study notes

My narrative history begins on RationalWiki:  October of 2013

Oct 2013: I found myself targeted in an editor suppression campaign on Wikipedia.

That very week editors involved with Rupert Sheldrake’s article on Wikipedia got me sanctioned via a nasty “social propaganda” campaign designed to suppress editors away from an article, they simultaneously created a section about me on RationalWiki’s Rupert Sheldrake article as payback, specifically listing me as an editor on his Wikipedia article.

t should be noted that the creation of my RationalWiki article was an editing account “David1234”, which has been identified as being part of the infamous Oliver and Darryl Smith editing collaborative, two twin brothers with apparent sociopathic online activities that at times are so bizarre they deserve their own category.

These individuals specifically engage in over the top clandestine digital operations likely fueled by a mental imbalance. Their campaigns against me and a few others have extended into realms that have even driven me to contact the FBI and report them to the authorities.

The Smiths are known for manipulating communities to build their own personal armies. I show how this individual has manipulated other communities elsewhere, but here we find this individual even bragging about how he successfully turned RationalWiki into his personal army and manipulating them with misinformation about me designed to provoke them to target me in response.

You idiots don’t seem to realise that I made the Viharo and Jon Donnis pages here, then set up a whole load of other people and turned them against each other, as well as at Rationalwiki. I also added Viharo;s page at Rationalwiki. – user “Kroms” posting on “Encyclopedia Dramatica”

November 2013 – RationalWiki editors begin stalking me on the internet for sources for the article.

Desperately needing to morph the “mission” of RationalWiki with the “excuse” of having an article on me, editors I encountered originally on Wikipedia scoured the web for any resources they could use to justify the creation of an attack article that also supported their efforts on Wikipedia to sanction me.

“David1234” compiled most of this history, apparently having a “dossier” on me that even claimed to know my personal or anonymous Reddit accounts. I felt stalked online by this individual.

In November of 2013, RationalWiki’s first narrative on me stated the following.

Rome Viharo is an American internet troll, conspiracy theorist and pseudoscience promoter most well known for his sock puppetry on Wikipedia.

What’s more interesting than the references they use is the sources they omit entirely.

For example, my own personal blog which actually does show what I promote and what my worldview is never once cited or referenced.

Some of the sources they do use as references to support those very same claims about me are simply citing their own statements made by me, by them, on Wikipedia.

For example, the article is quick to say I was known for sock-puppeteering Wikipedia in November of 2013, a tactic these same editors used on Wikipedia to suppress my participation, but failed since I was cleared of sock-puppeteering by the Wikipedia admins.

Of course, there is no evidence of me being an ‘internet troll’ other than by these very same Wikipedia and RationalWiki editors.

There are no references to me being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or even what conspiracy theories I promote.

Evolution: Narrative as of December 2013

Rome Viharo is a California social media strategist known for trolling the internet to support pseudoscience, spread conspiracy theories, and promote unfathomable gibberish about something he calls OS 0 1 2.

Now they are adding things from my creative past (former music producer, digital filmmaker, and viral media producer)and mashing it out of context, taking  a viral media creative project from 2003 in an awkward attempt to further frame me as a ‘crank’ and ‘woo supporter’ in addition to finding images on the internet from a movie I was an extra in when I was in my early 20’s, listing me as a ‘failed actor’, of course.

Any media on the internet they could find to create a suspicious narrative they did.

This is called “flag waving”.

When someone is flag waved in a wiki war, you won’t ever find what you would expect. None of the citations RationalWiki publishes on me support the narrative the article is publishing.

However, by January of 2014, I began to publish Wikipedia We Have a Problem and I confronted them on this behavior.

Apparently, this became clear to RationalWiki’s own community and there was a request to delete their article with the editor saying “this just looks like a poorly assembled hit piece on an individual”.

And for a brief moment of sanity on RationalWiki, my article was deleted, only to return a few days later.

This time, however, the editors on Rational Wiki, including Leuders/Lucky Louie, decided that they would ‘clean up’ the article but still wanted the article to be able to discredit me while linking me with as many links out of context as they could find.

So next my narrative evolved. Specifically, it continues on discrediting any thing I have to say about Wikipedia and attempts to discredit me as some internet loon crack pot, a campaign to damage my reputation so as to protect their own from fall out of Wikipedia, We Have a Problem.

Narrative as of February 2014

Rome Viharo is a social media strategist known for his support for the pseudoscientific ideas of Rupert Sheldrake and belief in conspiracy theories regarding the activities of skeptics on Wikipedia. He also promotes a bizarre mishmash of ideas he calls OS/AL 0 1 2.

They evolved the lead to still include listing me as a ‘supporter of Rupert Sheldrake’ so as to keep in step with their “mission”.

They specified that I am only a conspiracy theorist because I noted, responsibly,  that those involved with this issue of harassment on Wikipedia and Rational Wiki are indeed individuals who self-describe themselves as “skeptics.”

Ignoring huge swaths of my professional life, the lead mentions ‘OS 012’, not as a creative project that had a fully disclosed tongue in cheek nature that ended in 2007, no longer on the internet, but some agenda I am ‘advancing’.

RationalWiki editors do not appear to have much of a creative background. The majority of my life has been pursuing a wildly creative background, and as a designer artist, it was pretty apparent to me that RationalWiki was trying to paint me in a box simply because they could not make sense of someone who did not fit into their black and white world.

Anything about me on the internet to justify why they think I’m a ‘crank’ and a ‘woo’ they do because they are forced to make this article about me fit the RationalWiki “mission.”

By February of 2014, Wikipedia We Have A Problem began to go viral, and I was contacted by a host of individuals and organizations asking for my advice on their Wikipedia problem.

I decided to take a year off my normal work and focus on this issue, which to be honest I found utterly fascinating.

Enter Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is also a target of RationalWiki, and numerous skeptic organizations. That makes me fair game, in the eyes of RationalWiki. And I don’t mind being criticized for work I’ve actually done, it’s just that RationalWiki is misrepresenting the work I did with Deepak Chopra into something that it is not.

One of those people who contacted me was Deepak Chopra, who gave me a small grant to continue my research into wiki wars on Wikipedia, using Deepak Chopra’s Wikipedia article as my next study into consensus building. Immediately, his wiki war became my second keen part of my study into editor suppression.

To RationalWiki, this is akin to me promoting “woo”, someone who makes a quick buck from selling pseudoscience.

This is a juvenile view of the world. Deepak Chopra is a mainstream celebrity who runs a media empire, my skill set is in media and technology. Deepak worked with me because of my skill set, and I have not played in role in marketing or promoting Deepak Chopra.

I created the architecture for ISHAR, or Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository and engineered a crowd funding campaign for the platform.

I believe in the necessity for ISHAR, a reliable online resource for trusted and credible information on certain topics. The architecture for ISHAR was just apart of the aiki wiki platform suite and is hardly controversial.

I’m proud of the work that I’ve done, there is nothing ideological about the work I was tasked to do, but having it distorted, and then weaponized against me to paint a picture of me as an “internet crank who promotes pseudoscience” is how RationalWiki choose to treat me.

Narrative as of December 2014

Rome Viharo is a social media strategist and Internet troll known for his support for the pseudoscientific ideas of Rupert Sheldrake and belief in conspiracy theories regarding the activities of skeptics on Wikipedia. He has worked as the director of operations for Deepak Chopra‘s Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository (ISHAR).[1] He also advances a bizarre mishmash of philosophical ideas he calls OS/AL 0 1 2, the promotion of which has at times been indistinguishable from internet trolling.

In spite of the criticism they have received, unbelievably RationalWiki continues to deny this harassment is happening.

Narrative as of November 2015

Rome Viharo is a Wikipedia sockpuppeteer, banned for defending the pseudo-scientific ideas of Rupert Sheldrake and trolling Sheldrake’s talkpage with multiple accounts. Viharo has described himself as an “eccentric” who argues for a conspiracy theory about organized skeptic activity on Wikipedia. He is also known for creating Deepak Chopra‘s Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository (ISHAR), and for advancing “OS/AL 012” and “Aiki Wiki”. Viharo is in his 40’s and works as a social media strategist, and more recently the CEO of startup Audience Unlock.[2]

The framing Wikipedia, We Have a Problem as a bunch of ‘conspiracy theories’ is of interesting note, especially when they then boldly declare that ‘no such conspiracy of skeptics appears to exist‘ yet offer the reader no rebuttal to the dozens of instances of suppression and harassment listed throughout this website.

This highlights the true purpose of RationalWiki’s article, to discredit this website and protect the small collection of Wikipedia editors who have been featured in this study into editor suppression.

Narrative as of June 2017

Rome Viharo is a pseudoscience promoter[2] and internet troll[3] who operates under aliases Bubblefish,[4][5][6] PillyM,[4] WWHP,[5] Tumbleman,[4][7]23canaries,[8] and hoofish.[9] He is also the “creator” of OS 012/AL 012/Aiki Wiki, a poorly defined concept for which Viharo spends more time “virally marketing” than actually developing.

This year, I published an article critical of Wikipedia, detailing how RationalWiki trustee David Gerard, a cryptocurrency antagonist, is writing and guarding articles related to the blockchain.

The article also criticized RationalWiki, primarily for attacking individual’s reputations, especially in response to valid, non toxic criticism.

In response, RationalWiki trustee “Fuzzy Cat Potato” decided to re – edit my article.

As we can see, my narrative is still being twisted to fit their mission, while painfully torturous logic and misrepresentation is attempting to be used to establish me as an unreliable suspect on the internet.

They list 6 different username accounts I have had on different forums over a period of 15 years, and list common user names used on such forums as “aliases”. Why use the word “alias” for what are simple user name accounts on different forums? Especially when in the following paragraph they claim again this website is a “conspiracy theory”, while doxing fifteen years of my user name accounts on different forums, and then ironically offer that as to proof they are not targeting me.


Crossing the line into direct slander, the article on Rational Wiki about me now ends with:

Viharo now dedicates a lot of his time stalking the Wikipedia editors (including admins) involved in banning his sockpuppets. A section on his website “Editors and Admins Involved”[50] lists 10 editors, who find their internet activities recorded.

Skeptic activists cannot handle confrontation or criticism. When confronted with it, they take desperate measures, like any group with an agenda, to damage control perceptions of their activities.

When all of this started in December of 2013, it was originally Tim Farley who let the cat out of the box, admitting to RationalWiki’s strategy.

Confronting Susan Gerbic on Facebook, Tim Farley said “His current effort is aimed, in part, on fixing his own personal reputation in Google results, where a very snarky and very critical article on him is the number one search result for his name.”

RationalWiki has a hard time understanding why professionals like myself find it upsetting and disruptive when a hit piece, designed to harm someone’s reputation, hits #1 on Google, and impacts their professional life.

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