Tim Farley and International Skeptics Forum, if this dirty trick is coming next, don’t. (May 3 2015)

[UPDATE: 3.13.17] When I wrote this post below, almost two years ago today,  what was completely unknown to me at the time was that most of this online activity I’m referencing was  being conducted by “Goblin Face”, an individual now known to be the infamous internet troll Oliver Smith (or his brothers) from the UK. He is a notorious abuser of forums and wikis who stalks and impersonates other people, most likely a result of mental illness.  

Oliver Smith put a lot of legwork into building “personal armies” against me and different communities, and much of this ‘spat’ with this forum was likely influenced by Oliver’s activities, which were unbeknownst to me at the time.

I can easily separate the activities of other Wikipedia editors I encountered in this study, like Manul or Tim Farley, from Oliver Smith, whose tactics take a far more extreme type of harassment than I encountered on Wikipedia.

I am critical of Tim Farley, his activities online are innocent compared to Oliver’s.  and recently I have found evidence that Tim Farley is intentionally working with this particular sock farm, is aware of the extreme harassment executed by them, and is protecting them in their activities. I will be publishing that shortly.

While Tim Farley, Oliver Smith or his brothers, and perhaps a few others visit International Skeptics Forum, it is not my intention to put the blame of online harassment and Wikipedia editor suppression on the shoulders of ISF, they are, I am assuming, just innocent bystanders in this wiki war as I was.

I leave this post intact for historical purposes in this study.

International Skeptic Forum links Wikipedia, We Have a Problem (WWHP) account to unrelated activity on ISF.

I’ve had to keep up with a number of ‘dirty trick’ online campaigns the past 18 months used to harass me since editing a Wikipedia article. I’ve witnessed, and painfully experienced,  an almost masterful display of reputation distortion performed online, just to control editing permissions over the lead sentence on a BLP, or Biography of a Living Person on Wikipedia.

On this blog, I’ve confronted a number of Wikipedia editors, RationalWiki editors – and specifically Tim Farley for these kind of abuses.

What is unknown to many whom have followed this story, is that a few skeptics on Wikipedia have some sort of personal grudge against me for a discussion I had on the JREF forum back in 2007, where ‘Bubblefish’, an old moniker of mine,  had a very infamous online discussion.

Some eight years later,  in September of 2013 on Wikipedia, an editor named Manul – who seemed to have some experience with me online in the past, along with a few other editors on the article, such as Roxythedog and LuckyLouie,  went on a campaign to frame me as a troll on Wikipedia, pinning that JREF discussion from 2007 as the source of my notoriety.

While eight years is plenty of time for most people to get over a divorce or recover from a natural disaster, apparently that JREF discussion from 2007 is still, for some unknown to me reason, disgruntled by this infamous discussion some ten years ago – and used this discussion to frame me as a troll while publishing very real abuses happening on Wikipedia.

Last week, the JREF forum, now called the ‘International Skeptics Forum’, a discussion was posted about me and Wikipedia We Have a Problem.

Tim Farley, posting as krelnick, immediately joined the discussion only to discourage skeptics from visiting Wikipedia We Have a Problem, and continued the narrative that I was an internet troll, attempting again – to discredit my reporting on Wikipedia, and specifically his abuses.

So naturally, as the publisher of Wikipedia We Have a Problem, I felt it fair to respond, and I did. I created a ‘WWHP’ account and posted a reply.

While I did previously have an account there as Bubblefish, I could not access it and haven’t been able to access it for years, although I was never banned or sanctioned there.

While compiling something for an upcoming interview today, I went back to the original Bubblefish discussion on the JREF forum from 2007. I noticed that the name on the account was not Bubblefish, the original account and author – that the discussion was posted as the account author was ‘WWHP’, or Wikipedia we have a problem.

UPDATE: This post was originally published two years ago, while I was, and still am, actively harassed by a Wikipedia and RationalWiki editor Oliver Smith and his brothers. At the time I was unaware of who a few of my harassers were primarily because the majority of them were just one person and his brother working alongside Tim Farley’s and David Gerard’s sock puppet farm on Wikipedia and RationalWiki.




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    • Not sure where the threat is, it’s a statement of fact. It’s a fact that we have a problem. It’s a fact that problem is going to get worse if a few disgruntled skeptics try to misframe me once again using something that happened in 2007 as some sort of evidence. I am confronting these kind of abuses live. I don’t think confronting abuses is threatening – I think it’s a request for common decency.

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