Update: The ISHAR project

As readers of this site may know, I come into this ‘problem’ facing mind/body topics on Wikipedia as an outsider, I have no ‘mind/body’ agenda in my professional life – as my focus is media architecture with a focus on online consensus building.

I got involved with this community primarily because I offered to help Rupert Sheldrake on his Wikipedia article and the well publicized  wiki war occurring there and published the result of that experience here on this site.

As most know, since then I have been harassed and attacked online, with ‘hit’ articles published on me on RationalWiki and bloggers such as Tim Farley engaging in reputation distortion campaigns against me online.

This year Deepak Chopra was one of many individuals who contacted me regarding their ‘problem’ on Wikipedia and asked for my advice.

Obviously, this has just fueled more harassment. To be expected I guess.

I can confirm that I was heavily involved with the ISHAR project – as has been revealed on Wikipedia by a few disgruntled Wikipedia editors, no fan of my work nor Deepak Chopra.

Predictably, I was once again banned on Wikipedia as account “SAS81”, which I used to successfully resolve Deepak Chopra’s ‘wiki war’.

The ISHAR project formed very organically, many prominent voices were involved.

ISHAR was designed to be independent of Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Foundation as a collaborative platform in service  the principles of Wikipedia, principles which were championed by Deepak Chopra himself in the press.

However, not everyone within the Chopra Foundation wanted to take on the Wikipedia issue, nor was the idea of a non profit organization independent of the Chopra Foundation favorable to them.

Now they tell me.

In November of 2014 I was fired as CEO of ISHAR, LLC

The new direction for ISHAR without me is not the same ISHAR that was promised on Wikipedia by SAS81 nor the same ISHAR as promised in the indiegogo fundraising campaign which I also orchestrated – and whatever that new direction is it will be up to Ryan Castle or another ISHAR representative to update the Wikipedia community.

Everything  that has been done on Wikipedia by any action I have taken or that I have influenced others has been for the sole purpose of holding Wikipedia to it’s own neutral editorial policy and contribute to the project with integrity.

I can also confirm that I hired Ryan Castle, a Wikipedia I encountered while working on Rupert Sheldrake’s “wiki war”,  to be an archivist for the ISHAR project, and can confirm that archiving was his primary responsibility.

I believed, and still do – that Ryan Castle brings a level of credibility to ISHAR archiving as a ‘neutral’ or outsider in the mind/body community with experience of the Wikipedia platform, rules and guidelines.

After I was fired, Ryan Castle was approached to ‘project manage’ a ‘new direction’ for ISHAR primarily as an online research archive managed by the Chopra Foundation.

I wish them well with their venture.


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