Dirty Trick tips from Tim Farley, skeptic activist

.Susan Gerbic and her non profit fundraising organization ‘Guerilla Skeptics on Wikipedia’  appear to think I have enough credibility to clear them of involvement on the Sheldrake biography article on Wikipedia. On the GSoW  Facebook fanpage she writes:

From Susan: One of the trouble makers from the Sheldrake drama believes GSoW when we say we were not involved.  http://wikipediawehaveaproblem.com/the-battle-begins/#guerilla-skepticism-on-wikipedia-or-just-wikipedia-skepticism

Well first off I’m glad my credibility is good enough for GSoW to at least clear them of the charge, which I simply take them at their word for. Interesting however to see response from Tim Farley – according to him, my credibility is good enough to clear GSoW, but let’s not forget the ‘party’ line about me…

Although I did reply to the guy, I don’t recommend it. He is clearly a troll and simply out for attention.

But what was more revealing was the little ‘SEO’ tip he gave Susan and the rest of the group when they refer to me online.

His current effort is, in part, aimed at fixing his own personal reputation in the Google results – where a very snarky and critical article about him is the number one result for his name.

So don’t link to his wiki thing, his tumblr or his personal site without using either NOFOLLOW or DoNotLink as appropriate. If you do need to refer to him, link to the RationalWiki article on him.

Tim Farley actively promotes himself as an online leader of the skeptical movement. His website skeptools is a passionate and focused site that offers skeptics online ‘wiz’ tools to further deliver the activist message. Makes me wonder what other kind of dirty tricks Tim Farley likes to use.

If Tim Farley on his band of agitated forum posters and Wikipedia editors cannot rely on the ‘superior’ position of clear face value editorial arguments on Wikipedia and choose to rely on McCarthy era ‘dirty tricks’ for personal attacks in petty disputes –  they are going to lose the mainstream argument and perhaps this is a sign they already have.

I’m a pro science progressive – an agnostic humanist. If they are harassing people like me who disagree with them this way, they are pissing inside the tent. And it’s okay Tim – I want that article at the top of search. I’ve been linking to it too in case you have not noticed.

My position is you wanted to make me a spotlight, and you got it. Now I am going to show how a small handful of skeptical activists online use harassment and bullying with that page on RationalWiki as evidence. And now I have a name to put with it, Tim Farley.

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