Rational Wiki – let’s talk about this

UPDATE: Well for a period of about eight hours there was a moment of hope that Rational Wiki could indeed be rational. However, that was reverted. Although deleting the page had more votes than keeping the page, and an online friend from Australia jumped in to have a reasonable debate with them, the article was kept regardless with the main motivation being that it ‘pisses off Viharo so much’. At least it was cleaned up considerably from before. Now the article just looks like a ridiculous attack piece and misleads the reader to things that I have actually done, so it is at least somewhat closer to true than it was when it started.

UPDATE: After much deliberation, a few of the editors on Rational Wiki came to the wise conclusion to delete my article. THANK YOU.

I’ve challenged my article on Rational Wiki. I created an account there.  When I created the account, I was told that ‘there were many people impersonating Rome Viharo’ on the wiki and I had to show proof to make sure I was not ‘socking’ myself. I also found many discussions there accusing me of socking a number of other accounts. Oye. And they accuse me of conspiracy theories.

Fellas. Let’s give this a rest, eh? This obsession with me is creeping me out and I’m hardly notable for your encyclopedia. Please don’t believe what you write about me, it’s only insuring that you get the Rome Viharo you deserve.



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