Rational Wiki censors essay criticizing Rational Wiki of harassment

published at: romeviharo.tumblr.com My intention was to edit Wikipedia anonymously – in return I found myself stalked with my identity passed around to various editors.  I was framed on Wikipedia as a ‘woo supporter’ and ‘pseudoscience’ because I had a few editorial disagreements with members of Wikipedia regarding biographical facts about a living person –…
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Revisiting Rational Wiki

I wrote an essay today on the abuses occurring on Rational Wiki from direct experience. I figured this was probably the best place to publish it. I am going to re-edit the article on Rational Wiki based on their responses and will publish shortly. EDIT: WordPress is buggy right now with the link function on…
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aiki.wiki atheneum prototype launches

aiki.wiki has launched it’s prototype for the ‘atheneum’ library component. Aiki wiki has sort of been in the background of the WWHP project, as issues on Wikipedia have been central to it’s development. I’m still tweaking a few things and updating a few things, but the raw site is up and available at: http://aiki.wiki  

Wikipedia’s ‘mainstream’ problem.

Slate’s  David Auerbach published an article this week called  “Encyclopedia Frown”. It’s a great summary and it’s showing how this problem is just increasing. “The encyclopedia that anyone can edit” is at risk of becoming, in computer scientist Aaron Halfaker’s words, “the encyclopedia that anyone who understands the norms, socializes him or herself, dodges the…
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